Monday, October 3, 2011

9/29 thru 10/3, Skunk. wind, skunk............ make up your mind

September 29th through October 3rd, another week of wind and no wind

Skunk, Wind, Skunk...make up your mind

Thursday September 29, 2011

Klaus and I headed to the beach today hoping that it was going to blow.

We got to the beach just in time to assist a kiter and his wife, both from Canada, who just got stung by a stingray. I thought that they had left the area. According to Bart Miller he saw a kiter recently hit on both feet. In all my years here I've never heard of that.
The time stamp was a little after 4 o'clock and I think I was getting desperate. I grabbed Klaus's 17 and went out. Thanks Klaus for the shots.
Sure there's a big difference between a 12 meter kite and a 17, but wow this Core is great!!!
I dropped his 17 in the water on a jube so I just kept kiting to dry it off. You never want to bring a friends kite back all wet. I had a great time on his Light Wind Core.... thanks Klaus.

Friday September 30, 2011

We were hoping Friday was going to be better than yesterday. Hmmm????
Alan held up his wind meter against the ominous clouds. It doesn't look good today.
Look at the wind graph at 4 o'clock. Klaus was able to get out and get some air. This made the wait worth it.

And just like that the wind stopped. Christopher came over to tell us about why it all came to a crashing halt.

After I got home I brought our two dogs to the end of the ramp for this sunset shot. They didn't stay put for long. Thank goodness for one good shot.

More to come


At October 9, 2011 at 4:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

DAD/JIM! Here is that British Airways commercial that I mentioned to you. I think it was filmed artistically, the tricks are great, and then the sound is so crisp. I figure you and your friends will like it, so I'll post it on your blog:
Love, Sara


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