Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday...... Jim

Happy Birthday to ME

Dan and Kristin started the Facebook announcement calling the birthday party

"Jim's 59th Birthday Party, AGAIN" WOW.... very cool

The party was held at McKenna's Restaurant in Alamitos Bay on Saturday evening .

McKenna's had a grand entrance and thanks to Omar Nazif, because he brought his camera and capturing the evenings events for us to share. For more pictures check his facebook page. I also want to thank the many, many family and friends who called, sent me texts, emails and Facebook messages wishing me a "Happy BD." All were very appreciated.

This was the reason I selected this place, the sunset. We got there just in time to catch the sun going down.

A couple of day before I had gone walking with the dogs and caught this shot of the sunset over the port. I wanted to have this same feeling at my BD party..... AND WE DID.

Sara on the left and Dan on the right, as well as Ruth put the event together, and for making my birthday so special.

On the far right is Ruth's dad Bert, who also enjoyed the evening. He's 86 years old and he's out here vacationing from Cleveland, Ohio.

Dan and Kristin took a break from the hard workon their cooking island in the condo to come out and party. The sunset was beautiful.
On the left is my sister in law Wendy and my brother Mike who drove down to party. They brought their son (my nephew) Spenser and his girlfriend Anna. Sara and her boyfriend A'lan were having fun too. They helped bring spark to the party. Now get a room.

Martin Hubert and Henry Khalili were enjoying the vibe too but unfortunately Henry did not get in the picture.....Next time Henry.
Omar set down his camera just long enough to get a picture with Bonnie. Great shot.
Then it was time for the cake, cards and ......
OMG, I got a new kite. Thanks everyone!!!!! Especially Dan, Kristin, Sara, A'lan, Bert and Ruth, and all the others that chipped in. It's a Switch, Nitro 12m. Find out more at
Then Omar started taking a few single shots. This is Kristin and her friend Karen.
And Ruth's father Bert
Then it was time for a few family shots and....
A big group shot. Sorry we couldn't get everyone in this one but a few folks had gone home.
The next day Klaus came over and we had a few BD toasts and opened the new kite. I can't wait to fly it. Thanks again to everyone for the very warm, wonderful birthday wishes, for coming to the party and for chipping in for my new kite. And this time I don't plan on putting it into a tree.... AT ALL.... NO WAY!!!! Once is enough.


At February 18, 2012 at 7:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pictures! So, you're going to Paris? When? Our church had a special event last week-end...."A Trip to Paris." Dinner, mimes(Sam and Leah with their friends), as servers, entertainment, and inspirational speaker. It was great! It's as close to going to Paris as we'll ever get I'm sure :) Gotta do dinner. xo Love ya
Theresa <3

At April 5, 2012 at 8:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm an older guy that wants to get into kites, and need to talk with some people doing it.
Seen some pic's of Sonny Reser in Surfside so I know your out there.
Can't find too much down here in Laguna, why not.
Please contact me at


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