Monday, August 16, 2010

Another great Sunday day at Belmont

Sunday August 15, 2010

A lot of kiters must have heard that yesterday was a stellar kite day so they came down to Belmont hoping for wind. It was not a repeat, but the wind did blow. Way in the background was the kids sand castle contest on the Granada launch ramp

Dan and I timed our arrival so that when Klaus came off the water we borrowed his kite and went out. He rigged a 15 and our kites were a little too small today.

Al was catching some Zzzz's so we decided to add some detail to this foto op. Double click to make it larger. No he doesn't drink beer.

That was about the time the beach gang packed around Al for a group shot. From the left side, back row, Radko, Bobby, Dan, Darren (holding directional board), Danny, John, Cloe and Mark. Front row, Klaus, Al and Dan.

Just about that time Cloe's boyfriend Chad arrives on the scene with a "little" hole in his kite.

Jeff, on the left, checks out the little repair to his RRD. Chad looks on. They may be calling on John Fitzgerald for help for the repair.

Steve Lee watches the Last Man Standing. Dan nominated Naji for the "Weekend With Bernie Award." A reference to the movie of the same name because...Dan heard a bell clanging as Naji was pumping his kite trying to get in.

Robert dries off the kite as Naji tells Steve about trying to get in from Chaffee Island after the wind died. He almost made it too.

Thanks Klaus for taking this shot of Dan and myself. It made my day. Then we went out to a Thai restaurant to celebrate another great weekend.

Hope to see you on the beach soon.


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