Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Big Rock is here

Wednesday March 7, 2012

The Big Rock is in Long Beach

I'm sure by this time you have heard of the huge bolder that LACMA is having transported to their museum on Wilshire Blvd. When Ruth heard it was going to be in Long Beach we had to go. This is the site as we drove up Atlantic Blvd. just north of the 405 freeway.

As you can see traffic was restricted to one lane in each direction, and both sides of the street were filled with on-lookers like us.

It actually took a little while getting by all of the people in order to get a good view of the rock.

I wish I had brought a step stool or a small ladder because I couldn't get a good shot with all of the people. It was estimated that there were about 20,000 visitors that day.

I was finally able to get Ruth and our two dogs, Harley and Bebe close enough to get them and the rock in the picture. Sorry Harley, your face is a little dark.

I finally got brave enough to walk in the street between signals to get the subject of all of this fuss. It doesn't seem that big now. Soon it will be on exhibit and I'll post those pictures when it happens.


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