Saturday, March 17, 2012

GREAT WEEK!!! The wind is coming back

Saturday March 17, 2012
It's St. Patrick's Day and the wind is coming back

Monday thru Thursday we had wind and today we had clearing winds.

Saturday, 3/17

Today Dan dropped by to see if I wanted to kite. Thanks but on thanks. I said I would come down and take a few pix.

When I arrived I ducked under the roof of the restroom to get out of the elements because it was raining. I wouldn't want to get my jacket or camera wet would I??
My son Dan and Lise Shippam waited for the wind to come back. When I went to RiteAid a few minutes earlier it was really howling. Now there's not so much wind.

Chad and Cloie walked up the beach. Maybe the wind quit on them. Right now there is very little wind to speak of.

Radco is leaving the building. He said he had been on the beach since about 11 and he was getting cold and tired.

Dan was able to get in one last ride before it was time to take time out for "Saint Patty's Day."

A couple of days ago my neighbor took this shot of me coming back from the beach. Thanks Nicki & Johnna :) Hope to see you soon.

So we were able to get out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We could have gone out on Thursday but Dan and I had a neighborhood meeting. More on that later.

It just so happened that Omar brought his camera down on Wednesday. To check out some of his shots go to


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