Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back From La Ventana BOO HOO

The Seven Amigos are back From La Ventana boo hoo, boo hoo,

It's Sunday evening, my wife Ruth is preparing dinner, so I thought I would start blabbing about our trip to La Ventana. We were there one week, but that is not enough time. NOT AT ALL!!! We flew into La Paz and hitched a ride to our beach castle....I mean right on the beach.

There were two bedrooms on the top floor and two bedrooms on the ground floor.

This was our view to the right of the house. I would need three shots to show our 180 degree view.

Here we are, L-R, me, Al, Klaus, Dan, Martin and John. Thank you Mike for taking the shot.

We didn't get out on the water our first day because we got to the house too late. Besides it wasn't blowing. I bet Klaus would have gone out anyway, but it didn't happen.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner Miss Judy saved our lives. She was our chef, friend and tour guide too.

Dan made getting air look so easy. This was one of his small jumps because he was going starboard. He usually gets over 15 feet port. Look out.....

Klaus found out that the coral is very hard on your skin. But he also discovered that there was a guy close-by we called "Dr. George" that saved his trip with medical super-glue.

Sorry Klaus I didn't have my still camera with me most of the time....but I did get some great videos of you which I will add later.

Martin was also touching the clouds, in either direction.

It was great watching these pelicans dive into the water. They never got tired of going for a swim.

Mike Noel had a little equipment malfunction but he overcame all his problems.

John and Martin were heading out on a fast reach.

Klaus and I traded off shooting videos. My next challenge is cutting all of them together.

At night Dan, Klaus and Mike worked on editing the videos we shot.

The house mascot was Molly. Judy said one day she just showed up and delivered two puppies.

I had a number of great sessions. When the wind was up it really blew.

The last day John and Dan went fishing. They knew it wasn't going to blow early enough to kite.

Saturday afternoon and it was time to go home. Boo hoo. We can't wait until next year.