Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Sunset is the place today".....Gabor

Sunday November 29, 2009

Today, like any day that follows a day of kiting, we want more. The phone calls and texts started around noon. I let the group that there was nothing at Belmont, so I said "Let's meet up at Seal."

After a few minutes Klaus and John Rost showed up to join me. They were both wearing their full wet suits because they had pumped up at Huntington but the wind dropped off so they drove up to join me. But with no wind John drove back to HB.

Then Rijk drove up looking for wind. Then we got a call from Gabor saying he was at Sunset (Warner Avenue) and he was pumping up. "OK, we're on our way."

If you aren't familier with what we were doing, this gives you a better example of where were were going chasing the wind.

When we got there we saw one kiter on the water, further up the beach, maybe 14th Street. There were two other kiters at the shore line. Double click on the picture to make it bigger.

Klaus, Rijk and I watched as Gabor self-launched. I knew there was enough but Klaus and Rijk didn't think so. I went back to the car and got my stuff.

Klaus grabbed the camera, Rijk grabbed my kite and we were ready to hit the water. Thanks guys for helping out.

I pumped up and heading for the water. As you can see Gabor swung by (looking casual) and called out, "Go parallel to the waves, then go out."

Good advice. I was up and running and heading for a small wave on my way out.

This was a lot like kiting at Cabrillo last week, Gabor and me, and the OPEN ocean.

You know what my job is, work on my jibes......and have some fun while I'm at it.

Klaus got this great shot of Gabor going sideways. How does he do it?????

The surf wasn't that big, but it is a little intimidating when you don't ride it that often.

Thank you Klaus. I was hoping you got at least ONE of my jumps. Naturally they don't hold a candle to my kite partner, but one of these days.....POW, I'll get it.

I think Klaus got this shot to prove that there were beach goers enjoying the sun.

I am happy to report I pulled of a few toe-side transitions and a jibe or two. Nothing to write home about, but it's coming along.

As the wind started dropping off a little it was cool that Klaus was able to grab some shots of the two of us. Most of the time we are out there doing out own thing.

While were were kiting we noticed a guy with a cool Nikon camera with a long lens taking some shots of us while we were out. He took a lot but I liked this one of Gabor going toeside.

And this one of me taking a little wave. The cameraman was Carsten Mejlbo. Thanks Carsten for the added shots.

I don't know why, maybe because of the composition, but love this shot Klaus took. Rijk's helping with the board as we headed up the beach to our cars.

I don't care how old you are there is nothing like spending a little time on the water with you buddy's. Gabor and I had a fun day.

Gabor's wife Tunde was nice enough to take this group shot. Afterwards Rijk and Klaus headed home. They were traveling to New Mexico at 5 AM the next morning and they won't return until Saturday.

Here's the wind graph for the day. Gabor said depending on the direction, the wind intensity can be low on the ikitesurf read-out.

On the way home I had to pull off near Seal and take this sunset shot.
Thanks again Klaus for taking the pictures.

See you on the water.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The past few days...after Thanksgiving

Friday November 27, 2009

Klaus gets his new Bandit Dos 12

He took delivery from Kitesurfari and had to pump it up. He wanted to make sure it worked for our La Ventana trip in three weeks.

While Klaus finished pumping I noticed two that wanted a lot more wind.

His kite went up and he had no problem playing with the wind. What there was of it.

This was also another test. You see Klaus hurt his left shoulder about three weeks ago. One ragging day. He is working through it.

Saturday November 28, 2009

The messages started a few minutes after 12 when Rijk said "It's windy in Sunset." My text blast was sent at 12:25 that "It's blowing. Clearing winds?" Moments later Mark, Kyle, Mike and others knew there were two kiters on the water and the wind was building.

Double click on the wind graph and you can see how the wind jumped up just as Rijk arrived and we headed for the beach. The two kites were fully powered up.

Not a great view of Rijk but we got to the beach as fast as we could. We started pumping a few minutes before 1 and we were in a hurry. I took pictures as Rijk did all the work.

Looking West we noticed there were a number of kites at the "Naish Camp." Hank and Britney were there. So was Matt, James, Rullie and many others.

I'm sure this kite is what I saw from the house around 12:15 which set off the "WIND ALERT." At the moment he was the only one on the water. There was plenty of room for the rest of us.

I grabbed this shot of Rijk as he was heading for the water. Then Mark Strauch (with Carole watching) gave be a hand getting airborne. I took off one knot thinking that it was going to get windier and then Mark shot a few pictures with is pocket cam.

Thanks Mark for the next two shots. Here I am heading for the water.

Carole took this one from her bike. L-R, Rijk, me and Mark, chat on the beach. Probably talking about the water temp or how clean the water is or maybe that there are mini-waves.

I was in such a hurry to put the camera down that I didn't recognize who this was jumping. I know it was a green Naish, so it might be James Lin, but I'm not sure. Good jump though.

At about 2:30 there was a lull in the wind so Rijk and I came in. It was about the time that there was a second wave of kiters. Kyle Van borrowed Rijk's Waiman 12, Michael D. wheeled up, as did Trevor who is just getting ready to go out. Hmm, maybe not because I don't think he has a yellow directional.

Then Henry started pumping and Naji went to get his bar. Then we started getting a little cold. Time for some warm clothes.

When we got to the house we had a mini party. Rijk, Klaus, Joy and myself talked trash then it was time to say goodbye and turn on football.

U.S.C. beat U.C.L.A. 28 to 7. The last game of the season is next Saturday when USC takes on Arizona. I think it's time to get online to StubHub and get some tickets.

Happy Thanksgiving.....2009

The day before Thanksgiving was not so great for us. I put Chica, our African Grey parrot, in the tree in the front yard and took off for Von's. I can't remember what was so important but that's what I did. When I came back Chica was not in the tree. We frantically looked all over. In the neighbors houses, in the bushes, in the street, and we could not find her. Then, as I have done for lost bars and other kite stuff I plastered posters on many of the local lamp posts. Still no Chica. We have had her for 17 years. Since Ruth and Sara had fed her. So it's been a great ride. Goodbye Chica.

Happy Thanksgiving.....2009

Even though Ruth arrived home from Lake Tahoe with a cold, like a real trooper, Ruth was able to put on a very down-sized Thanksgiving. No not the usual 50 people but a realistic seven.

From the left is Dan (my youngest son), Robert (my oldest son), and me. Dan and I rode to Von's to pick up some last minute items.

Here is the hardworking kitchen crew; Sara, Robert, Dan and Ruth. Thanks to modern medicine Ruth was able to shake the cold symptoms. Unfortunately a week later she still has a raspy cough. But everything worked out fantastic for Thanksgiving.

Lookout for the kid with the knife. The turkey and ham came out of the oven and Dan is ready to start carving.

Rijk arrived a few minutes later and started preparing his sauteed Leeks. Naturally everything was fresh, fresh!!!!!!

In the mean time Sara and I set the table. Notice the beautiful flowers. Robert and Sara brought them.

When there was a little lull, I grabbed a shot of the larger kitchen crew. Maybe I should say "Chefs."

With all of the smells of food in the air Ruth prepared a "Snack Tray" so we could abate our hunger. We cleaned that tray off in no time.

Dan started working his magic on the turkey and the ham. Rijk was putting the finishing touches to his Leeks.

Sara started the ceremony of lighting the candles around the house.

The food table was filled tot he brim. Can you believe it, all this for seven people. I don't think Ruth knows how to trim the portions.

As you can see Klaus arrived and now we are going to sit down and say grace. Thanks Robert for taking this shot.

Before you knew it it was time for desert. Again Ruth out did herself. There was an apple pie, two pumpkin pies and only one lemon chiffon pie. Naturally there was fresh whipped cream.

As you can see Klaus liked the lemon. I don't think it survived the evening. Oh yes, there were plenty of take home for everyone.

After dinner there were a few photos. This one is really unique because up on the landing to the second story there's a picture of Sara and Dan that was taken when he was 10 years old. He's cute at both ages. Even if you double click on the picture it doesn't make it big enough to see.

Thank you Rijk for taking this family photo. Look at that group, do they look fat and happy or what?

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too.