Saturday, September 24, 2011

9/16 - 9/24 We've had some wind lately

September 16th through September 24th.....

Our wind score this week: Kite days - 6, Skunk days - 2

It's Saturday night and I thought I would post some of the pictures I've taken this week.
There were a few days recently where we waited for the wind. It started feeling to me like summer was coming to an end.
There were a number of days like this one on the 16th. The days were hot and not much wind.
This picture tells it all, two people reading and one kiter down at Granada waiting for the wind.

Then on Saturday Sept. 17 we started a streak of six days straight of wind. They were not all epic but we still got kite able wind.

On Sunday it started blowing early so I tried to let people know that the wind was up.
Klaus just got back from his job in Illinois and he has taken six days of vacation to chill. This was his first day back so he pumped his 17 Core and his new North 12. He wanted to cover all bases.
Dan and Kristin have gotten through Ryan and Rachel's wedding and were ready to kite.
And "Dr." Bobby was out to prove his diet was still working, even in September.
Klaus was in great form even though he has been away from Belmont for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately the photographer did not get his best jump.
Dan was pulling off all of his tricks but I didn't get any good shots. I was kiting too.
Chloe says it all, we all pushed it to the max and were a little tired.
At the end of the day we all were hoping for a repeat on Monday.
With the wind starting early again I headed for the beach. Our youngest daughter Sara called and said her boyfriend A'lan would like to come down for his first kite lesson. I said "Come on down." I got out on the water and messed around for a while until he arrived.
A'lan was a natural. He took to the trainer with no hesitation and a delicate touch too.

He was like the EverReady bunny, he kept going and going and going. The time stamp of this shot was a little after three. You can see Susi and Gary pumping up in the background.
A'lan got it!!! So I said "You know how to self launch, put on some sun block and see you later" and I headed out. Yup, another great day in paradise.
On Tuesday I think Klaus and I got to the beach around 1 o'clock. Bobby and Maria had just returned from Oahu and Bobby was pumping up. Klaus and Bobby got a jump on me and they headed out. I was right behind them.
Bobby and Klaus heading for the oil platform off of Seal Beach. Then they did a port tack and headed for Chaffee Island. For some reason I thought I would try and catch them on the back of Chaffee but that didn't quite work, so I followed them behind Chaffee and then back to home base. It was a pretty fun adventure.
Here are the four amigos. From the left is Steve, Bobby, me and Klaus. Our next adventure is to kite to Huntington. Maria said she could pick us up. Now all we need is a windy day.

Just about the time we got back the bi-weekly Kitesurfari course race was under way. Here Brian Kendor is drag racing Joe Roth, the windsurfer. In the end Brian won the race and also beat four other kiters. Great job Brian.

When Dan got off of work he came down and grabbed my kite. Unfortunately the wind did not cooperate and the wind died. He didn't get much of a ride.
For some reason I didn't take any pictures today. But here's the wind for the day. "Big Mike" and I were messing around with our directional boards today and Peter came up from San Diego to show us how smooth jibes were done. So much work, so little time.

Thursday was a bizar day. I think I was working in the garage when I felt the wind come up, really fast. I grabbed my stuff and hustled to the beach. The wind was howling.

It was a little after 2 and the sand was really kicking up which meant to me it was blowing over 20 mph.

What a weird shot. The kiters on the left blasting starboard and the earth mover doing it's thing.

What a strange sight, these three machines scrapping up the sand and moving it down to the end of the peninsula. The city is preparing for the high surf of winter.

It was all I could do to just take a few shots because I wanted to get out there and get some of that, and I did....

for a while. Then, like a switch, the wind shut off. I was lucky I was able to get to shore, but there were a few that didn't make it and had to swim.

There was a beautiful sunset on Thursday evening thanks to the wind and clouds.

On Friday Klaus and I were ready for another adventure... SORRY, the wind did not cooperateHe and I waited and waited and waited.
The only two that got any exercise today were two stand-up paddlers, Robert and Jessy.
Jessy and Daniel tried but it was not to happen today so Ruth, Klaus and I we went to Phucket for dinner. Mmmmmm...

Saturday September 24, 2011 and this is our second "SKUNK" day.

Unfortunately the day did not look good at the outset. When I took Bebe down for her early morning ritual she didn't want to go outside. The cement had a thin layer of mist and she doesn't like to get her paws wet. This was not a good sign. So we decided to go to Chuck's for breakfast. Afterwards Ruth took the dogs to Dog Beach and I went to Von's for milk. On my walk to meet them I noticed this paddle boat going past White Island. Pretty foggy.

When I arrived at Dog Beach Ruth told me that the two dogs stuck to her like glue. They had no adventure in them today.

Both Bebe and Harley hopes there's wind tomorrow.

Aren't they cute???

Sorry there was no wind on Sunday either.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Andy's Memorial and 9/11 Memorial Ride

The memorial for my nephew Andy Hernandez was held on Saturday September 10th at Will Rogers State Park.

Andy was the only child of my older sister Julia. He passed away on July 9th at the age of 38. This was a tribute to his short life

My oldest son Robert and nephew Skyler created a beautiful Indian ceremony for their cousin.

The high point was when we all created a big circle of life, held hands and hugs one another. Then had a wonderful pot-luck lunch. The food was wonderful and so was having lots of time to chat with everyone that came from as far as Mexico, Nevada and Oregon

It was great that everyone stayed for a family photo. What a family.

The 9/11 Memorial Ride 2011

Ruth bought a special flag just for 9/11 ride. It added a little GLAM don't you think???

We were all supposed to meet at our house but decided later to meet at Warner and PCH. Here Ruth and Sophie hold Harley and Bebe. Notice the Harley-Davidson clothes on the dogs. CUTE!!

Markus on the left lives next door to Henry and both ride and kite too. Markus borrowed Henry's motorcycle to try it out while waiting for Klaus. He was going so fast that the lens from his glasses fell out and he didn't even know it.

It's 11:30 and we were ready to get started. Klaus suggested we drive to Cook's Corner via PCH because it would be a beautiful ride. Here we go...

Here we are in Huntington Beach, cruising PCH. Klaus and Ruth are getting use to the ride.

Look how cool Markus and Sophie look. Very Hollywood for being at the beach. For me it was a challenge driving, dealing with the dogs and taking pictures. NO PROBLEM!!!!

Well we made it to Cook's Corner and all in one piece. Now let's go spend some money.

You can see that the crowd is growing so we went in for a few beers. We did run into one problem....

they would not let the dogs into the place. Sure, spend over a $100 bucks on drinks, food and t-shirts, but sorry NO DOGS!!!! The dogs and I went back to the car to wait for the ride to start.
Then the traffic jam started.... let's party, but don't be in any hurry.
Klaus and Ruth passed us on the way up Santiago Canyon Road.
Then is was down the 133 freeway. It was very interesting sharing the road at 70 miles an hour with cars..... Very scary and I was in a car.
Ruth got a great shot of the spectators along the road. There was a lot of support.

Another great shot she took was while riding on the bike and shooting back and getting this long line of motorcycles.
So in order to get a shot of the passing parade I drove around the ride, went up the 405 and cut down Warner and then drove up PCH, found a parking spot and with the dogs walked up to this traffic signal.
Double click to see how long the line is. I only wish I was a lot higher to get a better shot of the bikes.

The end of the ride was coming. All they had to do was make two left turns off of PCH and find a parking spot. No problem. There were only about 2000 motorcycles ahead of them.

Check this view out. Block after block of motorcycles on both sides of the street. Next stop, get everyone together and go into the party.
We all made it. Bebe and Harley were happy to see Ruth, Klaus, Marcus and Sophie. Henry made it but not in this picture. Now were looking for something to eat and drink.
Klaus took this great shot of the crowd in the parking lot of McKenna's. The flag was huge and the speaker was Chris Howard who lost his father in the 9/11 tragedy.
Klaus also took pictures of the dual fly-over and....
the four plane fly-over. His camera and lens are so clear and crisp.
This is how it all started eitht years ago when Gary Biggerstaff built these 343 crosses representing all of the firemen that perished in the New York Trade Center.
Now it's time to pack it in and head for home.... in the comfort of our CRV.

Ahhhh, so quiet, comfortable.... and I can hear the music too.