Sunday, September 28, 2008

The SCKA Safety Clinic was a smashing success!!!

Saturday September 27 and Sunday the 28th.

This was our third SCKA Safety Clinic and it was a smashing success with 41 kiters that showed up. Thanks to Francis Hu, our fearless SCKA leader. Dimitri Korionoff, his assistant and side-kick. And Diane Wenzel, the Safety Clinic coordinator, as well as all of those that ran the 5 stations...Diane Wenzel, Martin Zoldano; Carter Thomas, Arnaud Vuillermet, Dan Corbett and myself. A special thanks to Al Navas for making the new sign to be presented to the city, and to Dan Slater for taking the official pictures. I'm sorry if I have forgotten anyone. GREAT JOB!

Here Francis is signing up a new member, as Dan is in line for some swag. Take a moment to check out Dan's website, ( There's some great information and pictures about kite boarding.

Since there were 5 stations. The group was divided up and sent to different locations. In addition there were two demo areas. On the right is Roberto from FreakDog Kites and in the center is Jeff Fynn from RRD Kites. They were rigged up with kites and new boards try out, but the wind didn't cooperate.

Here Arnaud explains what was to take place at the self rescue presentation. On the extreme left is Diane Wenzel. Great back shot Jim.

As I mentioned there were five presentations: 1) Self launch and self land, 2) Gear inspection and safety system deployment, 3) Kiting skills on the water, 4) Land simulation of water self rescue, and 5) wind/water/kite selection considerations, Belmont kiting rules and Right Of Way rules.

Here Carter goes over the safety leash and what you should do to be safe with your equipment.

I was able to attend Arnaud's safety demonstration on self rescue. It was very informative and a class like this could have saved a kiter's life last year.

Dan and I gave the Right Of Way Rules, as well as kite selection and the Belmont rules.

Here Dan is making a point about passing kiter's and who has the right of way.

With the wind coming up there were many of those that attended who wanted to put their new information into practice. Let's go riding.

Juliano was heading to the water with Dan's surfboard. I love back light shots.

I think this was one of the first times he has been out on a surfboard without straps. Great control Juli.

Matt Naigus was right behind him. Matt was riding his new Naish directional.

I thought this was a cool shot of both Juli (on the right) and Matt going port.

I was able to grab a shot of three of the greatest gals on the beach. L-R, Julina, Anna and Ruth. I'm sorry that Kristen was over taking a lesson. In my mind you're in the shot.

Klaus later checked out Matt's new Naish directional board, about 6 foot. Originally Klaus was looking at a North directional but I think Matt was getting him a deal through Hank (Naish).

Unfortunately there wasn't much wind either day, but we had fun sitting on the beach and chatting. I think we solved all of the problems of the USA, Germany and Brazil too. A big shout out goes to Kristen who was flying Dan's Best 10 today with a lot of power and control. She was doing some pretty good slides and at the end had to shake the sand out of her clothes. Great job!!!

We also look forward to seeing more of Tomaz and Anna, as well as Juliana here at Belmont.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

One week and no talk about.

Notice: Please you friends about the SCKA Safety Clinic this Saturday the 27th. It's free and it's for all of those us that have kiting me.

Log onto SCKA.ORG and check it out!!!!!!

Tonight is Thursday night and it's been..... well over a week since I've been kiting.

Sure it blew last Thursday and Friday....but I didn't get any, I was working. But we showed up Saturday hoping that there was going to be a repeat. No f__ing WAY!!! Many other were there too.

By the time Klaus and I got to the beach, others were enjoying the sun. Like this girl who was meditating. In the mean time we were praying for wind.

Who was having fun on Saturday? Catamaraners and power boaters....that's it.

Kristen came down today to join Dan. Look out for the's very hot today.

Dan wants wind today and decided to rig his Best 15. Good choice Dan.

Juliano joined us and he is ready for wind too.

Matt is pumped and wants to get out too..

We all are waiting for the wind.....who payed and prayed to the wind gods????

David got out on his catamaran with his friend. Lucky him.

There were two gals on the beach that vied for the Sherpa award, here is #1.

This gal is Sherpa #2. Who do you think was the biggest helper????

Dan, Matt, Klaus and Juli were all chatting, but the wind never came up....

Jorge and Henry were ready to go also.

There were quite a few kiters that wanted a repeat of Thursday and/or Friday....BUT NO!!

There was another gal meditating. What was going on???? Who thinks this much???

I have to hand it to Todd. At least he tried to get out. I just sat and took pictures.

Juliano and Henry talked about the wind. I think they both decided it sucked.

Kirsten and Dan did a little teaching and a little learning on the beach. I know she could be a great kite boarder.

Klaus may seem happy but he was really frustrated. He and I had to work on Thursday and Friday, so we couldn't get any of the last good wind. That sucks!! Maybe soon.

This was the sunset on Saturday night. The weather has been beautiful, the air was warm, but there has been no wind. I will share one thing....the past week has sucked

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SCKA Safety Clinic, Sept. 27th.

Tomorrow it's time to go kite's not winter yet so no need to drag out that full wet suit yet. Klaus and I were out on Sunday for about two hours, and there was also a little wind this afternoon.... but tomorrow. Come on Let's pray for wind. Also don't forget circle Saturday September 27th. The Southern California Kiteboarding Association ( is putting on our third Safety Clinic. Come on down to the La Verne parking lot and learn some tricks and rules that could help you. For more information go to scka,org and click on "Safety Clinic." One o'clock sign up, 2 o'clock sessions start.

Here are some shots from our last Clinic. Please invite your friends to attend.

The movie is done, long live "The Nail."

Today is Wednesday evening September 17th and last night was the first true good nights sleep I've had in quite a while. Unfortunately is was not all that great because we both tossed and turned knowing that the house painters were going to be here at 8:30 this morning. But at least we were both home together. It has been a long three weeks.

I started working on "The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone", back on August 18th. I started by editing the production dialogue. It was supposed to take 40 hours, but ended up over 70. Then it was off to Oahu with Dan until the 31st. It was a great break. Six days of kiting.

Upon returning to L.A. it was right back to the movie. I started by walking the Foley, which is making sound effects to the picture. Punches, foot steps, hand pats, etc. Then we went into the pre-mix of all the sounds with my co-mixer Charles Dayton. We finished the mix on Tuesday morning at about 3 A.M. at Sony Pictures in Culver City.

I took this picture as Charles and I were driving home at about 2 A.M. Tuesday morning.

We were in this room all day Friday, all day Saturday, and all day Monday. We left Tuesday morning in the wee hours.

This is the mixing console we used to finish the movie. The sound was in 5.1 surround sound.

There were five of us that were the post sound team. From l-r Jamie Quattrochi (director), Tony Luke, jr.(lead actor, writer and producer), Charles Dayton (Supervising Sound Editor/Mixer), myself (Dialogue editor/mixer and music editor/mixer) and Mason Cooper the camera person as well as music supervisor.

Here is Mason Cooper with Tony and Jamie.

At one point on Monday Leo Rossi (center) visited the mix stage. Leo played "Petey" in the film. He was also one of the producers of the film. He is also a long time friend of Tony's, and he was his acting mentor on the set.

Charles and I play all of the sounds and try to blend all to the dialogue, music, sound effects, Foley and backgrounds to make the scenes fell natural and "real" even though many of the scenes are actually on sets.

After all those hours of massaging the various sounds there are very small "tweaks" that are done to make it sound even better. Adding reverb to this sound, taking out the high end of that sound, adding bass to some of the punches. All little touches that will make the view get pulled into the movie so you feel it's really happening....on the screen.

There is supposed to be a screening tomorrow for the executives and an invitation only screening on Monday the 22nd. At this point the show is "DONE" but you never know about movies, very often they come back to do little fixes to this and that.

Regarding SOUNDS CONTRIBUTION to this movie. I personally think our sound track took a moderate budget movie and made it sound like a much BIGGER movie. To me it seems like the sound, because it's big and bold, and all around you, it makes you stay in the moment and draws you into the film. Of course I could be a little bias. You can check out "The Nail: The Story of Joey Nardone" on also check on the director James "Jamie" Quattrochi. He is being considered for a 5 picture deal. Click on Tony Luke, Jr. He's the lead actor, writer and producer ( Tony was fantastic to work with. What a great guy. A real rags to riches story, and he runs a very successful sandwich business in Philadelphia,

Yesterday was also the first day home for Ruth. She's been in Portland Oregon with her pack of girl friends for four days and basically we are both recuperating......until yesterday afternoon when she reminded me that painters were coming this morning to repaint the two bathrooms. Since moving in and after the house was completely re-painted, she was never satisfied with the bathrooms. Her decorator friend Bruce came over last week and they selected colors and a paint crew. Today we are all making her happy with new wall colors. Coral for the guest powder room on the first floor and aqua for the Master bathroom.

The Powder Room.

The Master Bathroom.

That's all for now.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sunset, the best since Ohau

It's Friday and everyone wants to get some kiting in since the summer is coming to a close.

Klaus had kited Sunset yesterday while I was in Hollywood, so since I missed it I wanted some of the wind that he got.

Ruth had taken the Honda to Santa Monica for some appointments so I packed her Corvette with a surfboard, a twin tip, kite, pump bar and beer. I was very fortunate that the rip I put in my 12 in Oahu was not too bad. John Fitzgerald was able to repair it very quickly and dropped it off today on his way to Seal. Thanks John.

I called Klaus and Dan and mentioned that the wind was coming up and it might be a repeat of yesterday. Everyone was in for going to Surfside. I got there first, then Klaus, and then Dan and Kristen. She was our designated photographer today.

As Dan walked up the beach you can see that the surf was pretty calm today. Klaus mentioned that it was bigger yesterday. It was about this time that Mitch, the lifeguard at the Claremont ramp in Belmont, had finished his session and was off to his job in Costa Mesa.

Timing is everything in the surf. It's not too unheard of to be hit by a wave while you are launching and get knocked on your ass. So taking a minute to size up the surf is time well spent.

Here Dan, on the left, and I were going port and easily getting up-wind. Today there were about 4 kiters up by the jetty at Surfside. Down at Sunset there looked to be about 10 or so kiters out. We ran into Sonny, an old salt like me who owns a house on the beach and he said next monday winter rules kick in.

Here Klaus and I were headed out to the open ocean. We saw two dolphins sharing our water.

That was about the time he pushed the elevator button. He usually get some pretty good air like this, then he hits the water like a big belly flop. Not to worry, he usually survives the crash.

For some strange reason Klaus dropped his kite and we came to his rescue. In that area of houses at Surfside there is no one there to assist you unless you are lucky enough to see the lifeguard. That's why going with a buddy is such a good idea.

Dan was getting some really good jumps going port. Now he's working on his starboard jumps. Today he boosted pretty good but sometimes the camera doesn't catch it. Oh well next time.

The three of us got some pretty good passing hand slaps. Sometimes they hurt too. It's hard to tell who's in this shot, but I think Klaus is on the left and me on the right.

Thanks Kirstin for grabbing this shot. I like the spray. It's pretty hard to tell but I got my hair cut today. It was getting shaggy.

The three amigos had a pretty good time today. We got in about 2 hours all toll, but there could have been a little more wind to really make us happy.

At the end of the day it was getting pretty chilly. I think the fog was starting to roll in and that might have killed the wind. So we wrapped up our stuff and walked over to Taco Surf. Now that hit the spot. A couple of pitchers of beer, a little food and a two man band that was pretty darn good. They played a lot of current rock selections. I even picked up some food for Ruth, who was swimming laps at the Bay Shore swim area. Looking great Ruth. Keep it up.

See you on the beach if it blows tomorrow....Jim