Friday, June 10, 2011

Course Racing at Belmont - The wave of the future

Course Racing at Belmont and Seal starts NOW!!!

Posing at Seal Beach from left is Gabor Vagi, Mark Moore and Brian Kender. This was their first outing using their new Cabrinha Race boards.

This is the top of the Cabrinha 183 Race Collection. Check it out at

Here is what the bottom looks like with the stock, short fins.
As you see Brian stays very low to the board when he races. The wind at Belmont was very light this day so Brian used Alan's 16, because his 12 was too small. He's flying.

Here's Brian going back the other way, starboard. Still that low stance. He told me on the beach that he is forcing the front of the board down by keeping the board flat with his front foot.
Mark was not on the water this day because he only had his 12, but here is Gabor flying the black North racing with Brian on a Cabrinha. At this point they were very close.
A few seconds later you can see that Brian has passed Gabor. Mark and Brian affectionately call Gabor "Coach."

Next time I hope to have some video of the group practicing at Belmont.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kristin turns 29 and it's a great party

Tuesday June 7th, 2011

Kristin Helm turns 29

Dan came up with the idea of having Kristin's birthday party at one of the new restaurants in Belmont Shore, Me Soo Hungry. The owner was all for it. The more the merrier.
Ruth got there a little early to help things get organized and then everyone started arriving. Christine, the owner, is in the red behind Ruth.

A few minutes later the birthday girl and Dan arrived. Let the party begin!!!
Kristin put on her birthday sash and started rocking out. She looked FABULOUS.

Everyone settled in and started having fun. Let the champagne and sake begin.

The birthday girl got her champagne and she was starting to relax and have fun too.

Dan started off the round of toasts to Kris, but I missed that shot. So did Klaus. But here is Ruth giving a toast and I got that one. Sorry Dan.

All of the toasts were a hoot. Dan is pointing to Kris's dad Skip who gave a pretty funny toast too.

Kristin thanked everyone for coming...
Dan and the group were mesmerized..... and then there was loud applause. Then the food started coming.... Mmmmm
This is where I would normally show the food and people eating.... but I'll spare you. Next we got to the cards and then the presents started coming fast and furious.

Hank Sanchez and Brittney Pope gave Kris a new Naish waist harness. I think she liked it.

Then Dan gave her a new Naish kite.... unfortunately the kite did not arrive in time for the party so he gave her a small substitute kite until the real one arrives. I think she liked this present too!!

Dan, Hank, Kristin and Brittney pose for a shot. Hank and Brittney are reps for Naish Kites and were very happy to attend. Hank was Kristin's first kite instructor.

Not everyone stayed around until the bitter end but we did get a closing shot. I hope we weren't too loud for the neighbors. See you next year!!!