Wednesday, May 20, 2009

unreal day

unreal day

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a great couple of days

The past two days have been awesome.

Monday was so much fun. The wind came up and four of us went out riding; Rijk, Klaus, John Bontti and me. How much fun. I can only use an example that would conjure up this picture, if you saw four dolphins playing in the sea, swimming, jumping, weaving, slapping fins, making noises.....that was us yesterday. So much fun.

When the wind died down we came back to the beach and talked and laughed, told stories and had a few beers. As we went our seperate ways we all knew we had had a lot of fun.

So when the wind started coming up today I let a lot of kiters know that there was thankfully a repeat coming.

Today there was a little adventure brewing, Rijk, Mark Stauch and I headed for the oil platform. Then we went in to Seal and kited there for a while. The ride back was really a long port reach. Once we got out near the platform for the return home we headed for the Veterans Pier. As we got closer and closer to La Palapa my legs were burning, "OH"...but that was just the beginning.

Then Klaus, who had just gotten off of work and my son Dan joined us on the water. We were going back and forth and then on a starboard tack I heard a loud yell, "Hey Jim." I turned around and Mike Noel was right behind me in the middle of the bay....and he was cooking. That blew my mind because I think this is just his second season. Then we turned and went port and Mike was right there, hanging on and going fast. He has certainly come a long way since the end of last year.

There were two honorable mentions today, both are kite girls and both were body dragging today. One was Dan's girl friend Kristin, the other is Aaron's girl friend Rosemary. I will take my camera to the beach tomorrow and hope to get pictures of them. Sadly I must report that "Big Todd" broke his foot yesterday at the end of the day. I haven't talked to him yet but Bonetti said he was heading to the hospitol. I'll fill you in when I have more info.

Lastly, there were two big winners tonight. The first was the Lakers over the Denver Nuggets in game one of the Western Finals. The final score was 105 to 103. It was really close. A nail biter. The second was Shawn Johnson and partner Mark Ballas's win over Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke on "Dancing With The Stars." Season Eights finale was very exciting.

Don't forget the SCKA Safety Clinic is this Saturday, May 30th. Please go to SCKA.ORG and click on May 30 for more information.

Hope to see you on the beach tomorrow.