Sunday, November 21, 2010

I think it's going to blow on Saturday and THERE ARE CLEARING WINDS ON SUNDAY!!!

November 20th and 21st, 2010

Saturday Nov. 20....we all hoped for clearing winds today

I was going a run for Ruth when I saw some kiters pumped and ready to go at Belmont.
But sorry to say there was no wind at 2 o'clock, but great clouds.

As I stayed at the LaVerne parking lot I noticed there was enough wind for the sail boats that were racing out near the breakwater.

This was about the time that Steve Lee came over and said "Let me take a picture of you since you're always taking pictures of us." I said "OK." I tried to relax as he clicked off a few shots.

As I waited around the wind started coming up at about 2:30 and kites started launching.

At about 3 I got back from my run and caught Dan just going out. There wasn't much wind but who cares.

Dan comes into shore. Not too much wind today.

Steve Lee comes to the rescue again and shoots this shot of Dan and me, and our dogs Bebe and Loki, at the end of the day.

Sunday Nov. 21....we GOT clearing winds today!!!!

At a little after 1 o'clock Klaus came by the house as the wind was starting to crank. I grabbed my gear and my camera and headed for the beach for a day of FUN!!!

As you can see the clearing winds really came today. Much better than yesterday.

From my house one of the first kites on the water was Bongo. He really knows how to have fun.

Dong was close behind and was really powered up, and looking good too.

Radko looks like he rigged the right size sail. "Hold on Radko."

Klaus was getting some rad air.

So was Dan. There was a little competition going at Belmont.

I didn't get everyone but here is Henry going out. Bobby and Steve were also on the water.

So did Kristin..and I think she was on a Best 10m. The wind was good!!!

Yup...that's Klaus pulling off another big jump.

and Dan too.....

At some point Klaus took up Dan's camera and grabbed this great shot of Kyle. There were may others on the water which included Mark, Steve, Drew, Andy, Faycal, Matt, Trevor, Michael D., Christopher, Luca, and a hell of a lot of other kiters.

Even I got some great kite time in today.

Klaus got in one last jump.....

.....Dan pulled off a few unhooked tricks...

And Kristin pulled off her first jumps. She did this land simulation for me so you could get inside her head because she felt GREAT!!!

Naturally I had to ask a stranger to take a group shot at the end of the day.

As we all went our own way this sunset tells it all. A beautiful end to a great kite day and who knows when we are going to get the next clearing winds. Enjoy the wind while we can.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

Monday, November 15, 2010

The funeral services for Omar Salazar

Sunday November ,2010

The funeral services for Omar Salazar

Dan, Kristin, Ruth and I drove to the city of Rosamond. It's just a little north of Lancaster. The day was beautiful, sunny and clear as we arrived at Rosamond High School. We met up with Rosemary, Michael D. and Annemarie, Al, Steve, Bobby, Naji, Henry and Faycal.

Omar was the son of Jorge and Pilar Salazar. Both Jorge and Pilar come to Belmont. Jorge kites and Pilar is an important support person on the beach. She has helped to launch and land, and is an enthusiastic photographer on the beach. She confided that she might want to take up learning to kiteboard. I am sure that she would have a beachful of instructors if she really wants to pick it up again.
During the services many people came to the podium. The speakers included former teachers, coaches, and many friends. They all helped to round out the picture of a young man many of us did not know well, if at all. He was a strong, brave young man who doted on his son and showed a bit of mischief in the twinkle in his eye. I don't know how she did it but Pilar also came up to the podium and talked from the heart. There was not a dry eye in the auditorium.

Thank you to all that contributed towards the flowers. They looked beautiful.

This is a closer shot of the card and picture of Omar and his son Orlando.

After the services everyone waited for the caravan to depart. Omar had to be taken to the funeral home until the final services on Monday in Bakersfield. He was also escorted by a Patriot group of motorcycle riders who headed up the procession. Omar's military connections were evidenced by the marine color guard and the ROTC young men who helped out in the proceedings any way they could.

As the caravan headed for the funeral home in Lancaster, we headed for the Rosamond Elementary School to await the start of the reception when the family returned.

Here's Ruth entering the elementary school cafeteria. She had prepared one of her favorite pasta dishes, a whole turkey and chocolate cookies. Mmmmmm.

It was wonderful that the women that Pilar works with catered and served lunch to all that attended. It's that midwest upbringing coming out in time of need. Then the family presented a video slide show of Omar's life. It was a touching moment and proved that Pilar has been taking pictures for a long time. Omar and his brother Julian were raised with infinite love and patience. The video album gave testimony to the importance of family in their lives and the fun and love that filled it.

After the slide show there was a moment when all of the Belmont kiters grouped around Jorge. We attempted to convey our condolences and feelings of sadness regarding his and Pilar's loss. We had no words to touch their pain, but we had to try to lighten their day, if only for a moment.

Thanks to Ruth she got us to gather for a lighter moment. Jorge seemed very happy to be surrounded by the Belmont gang.

Thanks Annemarie for watching Bebe while Ruth took some pictures.

As we headed home one thing was certain: each moment of every day, count your blessings and tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.

If you would like to read the newspapers account of the accident: