Sunday, March 29, 2009

It was cold and a little windy on Sunday

Saturday March 28th was a fun day. But I heard that I missed a great blow on hoo. So on Sunday everyone that was there on Saturday hoped that it was going to blow again.

Dan took this shot of an auto carrier that has been parked very close to Chaffee Island. On Saturday Klaus and Dan kited by this huge beast. They said it was much taller than their kites. When you double click on the picture look how small the lifeguard patrol boat is.

Dan and Klaus were ready for anything. They both brought two kites. One big and one small.

Here Mike Noel, Klaus, Dan and I watch as a few kiters try to get their kites in the air.

It started getting cold so Klaus brought his kite around for a wind barrier. It worked too.

Klaus, Rijk, Mike and I were hoping that Dan was lighting a campfire. No he's just taking a picture.

Dan didn't want the day to be a total blowout so he made some line adjustments with Mike.

Bobby joined us just about the time we were giving up. OK, that's a wrap, as a couple of kiters tried to get out.

After Dan and I walked home and found that his lines needed an extension I rode back for a sunset shot. Ruth thought the suns glow was great with the palm trees in the frame.

This same weekend there was a kite demo at Pismo Beach.

Luca and Juliano, and a few other SoCal kiters drove up for the weekend. It looks like there were a lot of kites in the air. Luca said it was crazy. Maybe that's the reason there weren't very many kiters on Sunday?

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Clearing Winds Were Over-The-Top

Sunday March 22....the clearing winds came and went, but while they were here it was awesome.

Dan, Jason, Rijk, Mark Strauch and I were there along with a lot of other guys like Kyle, Dong and Chad. Dan rigged his Best 10. Mark rigged his Ocean Rodeo 8 and I rigged my North 12.

As you can see by the wind graph the wind was pretty good until about 1 o'clock, then it really started howling. That's about the time I realized that my 12 was a too big. Jason didn't even rig is 15, neither did Rijk. After a while the only kite that was used was Dan's 10.

This shot was what it felt like...sand everywhere. In your hair, eyes, teeth, ears, everywhere.
The following day, Monday, was a great kite day too. Tuesday.....was OK.

I didn't take any pictures, but on the previous Sunday, the 15th, Dan, Kristin and her friend Michell came to Belmont to do a little kite training. Afterwards we came over to the house for some of Ruth's great home cooking. I did take some shots of that.

After a day on the beach there's nothing like some homemade spaghetti, salad, bread and lots of red wine.

I was one of her assistants that night.

Here are the kite trainers; Michell is in white, Kristin is in grey and Dan...well Dan is Dan.

L-R, Ruth, Bobby, Michell, Dan and Kristin. Unfortunately Rijk had left by this time. Sorry I didn't get a shot of him...Oh time.

The two USC Alums; Dan and Kristin. Everyone seemed to like the spaghetti dinner. I don't think there were any leftovers.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The wind is coming back, I feel it!!!!

It seems like Tuesday is starting to be a good day for wind.

It blew last Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I couldn't get out on any of them.

Tuesday???? I must have screwed up because I don't have an excuse. Thursday I had jury duty and Friday I was helping Ruth cook dinner. But Dan and I were there on Saturday and Sunday. But you guessed it, it didn't blow Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Today it blew for about an hour.

Saturday started a little late because the night before was the dual birthday. Check the previous blog. Here Dan and Ruth are making a fantastic breakfast.

Picture perfect. Eggs, bacon, oranges and hot sauce. What else could you want??

To get in the picture!!!! As you can see all I got was a couple of locks of my hair. Bad aim Jim. I don't know about this shot. Dan is uncertain, Ruth doesn't believe I'm taking it and Kristin is the only one posing....other than me...but I'm out of the shot....crap!!! Take two.

Klaus dropped by today to drop off his kite and board. He was hoping to kite on Sunday...sorry Klaus.

On Saturday Matt (L), Todd, Dan and Henry watch as Chad tries to kite. Not enough wind for us.

Chad and his two friends commiserate about the "Not Enough Wind" condition today.

A few minutes later Luca (C) and Rijk showed up. They heard there was wind. Sorry guys, not today....maybe Tuesday.

There was a beautiful sunset today. I don't know about you but I'm ready to start kiting. Come on wind. Below are my first video posts. It's a little limited, but that's OK.

This is the view from our house in La Ventana. Check a few days prior for a still of the house.

This shot starts with Martin and then Dan comes into view. I then followed him until he crashed.

Which reminds me please check out the three video posts that Dan made on youtube,, or Google "SoCalkitemonkey."

We viewed the final edit on Friday night, which is 26 minutes long. If you have a chance to see either the DVD or the youtube, I hope you get the sense of how much fun the trip was. Sorry Klaus Dan misspelled "Schulz". Forgive him.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A dual Birthday and guests from Ohio

This past Friday (March 6th) was the celebration of Dan's Birthday (Feb. 10th), he turned 33, and Sara's Birthday (Feb. 25th), she turned 30. It was also an opportunity to get together with Ruth's two brothers. Brother #1, Dave and his wife Rita were in Los Angeles looking at medical equipment and brother #2, Randy and his wife Liz were here because Dave was here, and because there was a birthday party.

Actually the week has been full of get together's. On Wednesday we were at Randy and Liz's house celebrating their new dog "Chance" for second chance. It was a delicious BBQ. Then the six of us, Ruth, Randy, Dave, Rita, Liz and I went to the San Diego Zoo to see all of the recent additions. It was the next evening, Friday that we celebrated the Birthdays.

It was a lot of fun because it was a multi-faceted occasion. Birthdays, Brothers and we met my oldest son's new date...Yoli.

I have finally learned how to insert titles into pictures so this is picture #1. Obviously.

Ruth is putting the finishing touches to dinner while Randy and Dave serve up the soup. Naturally everything comes together like a miracle.

Sara and her boyfriend Brian arrive from Culver City.

They brought Robert (their older brother) and his new friend Yoli. Let's get the party started!!!!

Dan and Kristin arrived early because he was able to get out and kite. Look how happy he is.

Here's brothers Randy (L) and Dave having a shot scotch..or two. They're happy too.

In the mean-time the wives, Liz (L) and Rita were watching out for the boys.

One of my jobs was setting the table. I'm not certain if you can see it but Ruth had a particular way she wanted all of the silverware and glasses. Oh MAN who did she consult???? You must blow-up this picture (double clicking on it) because the cups contain fresh green pea and spinach soup with mint cream swirled on top by Dave and Randy. They looked perfect!!!!

Ruth also had a chance to show off her purchases from Italy, napkins from various cities. Everyone was different.

Dan and Sara were ready for the candles.....can't you tell.

These kind of pictures are so hard to take. If you are early than the blowing is mid-stream. But if you are late you have missed the moment. This was a compromise shot.

Sara reads her Birthday card, while.....

Dan shows off his new hat from the San Diego Zoo. I think Kris likes it too.

We had to call it a night pretty early. You can see by the clock on the wall that it's 10:35, time to get to bed because Dave and Rita had to be at the airport by 6 A.M. Oh man that IS early!!! Liz was nice enough to take them to John Wayne. Ruth and I were still sleeping :)