Wednesday, March 31, 2010

its moving day for Dan

March 31, 2101

We just got home from a day of moving Dan to his "new home." His recently purchased condo. It's almost midnight and the end of the day. Here is a recap of the days events.

The wind started blowing early today.....maybe a little before noon.

At 1:30 I got a text from "Harley" Mike saying that he was pumping up at Belmont. In this shot his 12 is close to us and Dong is walking toward the beach with his yellow Best. He rides a 9m.

Bebe and I had a few minutes before Klaus was supposed to arrive. The wind was howling. I'm guessing over 20, maybe 25 mph.

The wind was so strong Mike had to walk backwards while he was carring all of his gear.

Once Bebe and I got to the end of the launch ramp we saw that there was plenty of wind to jump. At one point Bebe was barking at me. She had so much sand in her eyes that she wanted to go home.

When Klaus and I looked back we saw this great shot of three kiters on the water.

Segue to Redondo Beach. Dan and I are sizing up the situation before we get serious about the move.

The cars are starting to fill up. Time to return to Long Beach.

We had four cars....and no waiting. Rijk just arrived as Klaus and I finished putting the mattress on top of my Honda. I was surprised how it held up. I thought these cars are made of plastic.

When Klaus and I left we had to check out the beach. There was a lot of wind in Redondo too.

We were surprised that there was only one kiter on the water. He was pretty good, when he went out he did a great job of jumping over the 3-4 foot wave.

I had to get a shot of the outside of the place. It is so close that today Dan rode his bike to our place and went kiting. I don't know how he's getting home....maybe he's staying over.

Dan's place is on the 3rd floor. Klaus and I used the stairs to unload the Honda. The Dan said "Why don't we use the elevator????" "OK"

The first inside shot is early decorating....a lot of change will be coming.

It's now almost 7 o'clock and it's time for a break....PIZZA!!!! From left to right; Dan, Klaus, me, JD and Rijk in front. Great work guys!!!

After everyone left Ruth and I followed Dan to his old apartment. Here Ruth toasts the old digs.

The old place is as clean as we could get it at 10 o'clock. "That's it, let's go."

Mom and son....proud as can be. He has the keys, but there's a lot of work to go.

As Ruth and I headed home she grabbed this shot as we passed over the Vincent-Thomas bridge. The full moon over the ports. What a beautiful way to end the day.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Big Mama shots one after another.....

March 29, 2010

Big Mama shots one after another.....the shots are from various days.

The Wainman Rabbit gang has arrived at Belmont Shore thanks to Kite Naked. Check out the Kite Naked store at,

When you see the "Big Mama" on the beach it doesn't look that big. But it pulls like a freight train and is steady as a rock, even in 18-20 mph.

Rudy usually rides a 7 or 9 but today he's taking out the Wainman 15 to give it a spin.

Rudy had no problem going out in low wind and on a very small board.

Another one of our local riders, Dong, went out in very light wind and had a blast. After a little whild the wind came up and he took out his 9m kite.

Gabor Vagi was another kiter that went out on Big Mama. He usually kites at Seal Beach (and many other spots) but today he was at Belmont...and it was only blowing about 10 mph. It didn't seem to matter because he was able to get out and kite.

When Gabor came in Chris Gatewood (Mr. Kite Naked) grabbed his board and went out too.

Chris and Gabor both out on Wainman's.

Dan Corbett, who usually rides a 12m EH kite took out Big Mama and had a ball using his EU-2 135. Today there were other kiters out too.

Then he came in and took out my directional board just for a change-up since his foot strap broke. Yes he was jumping, doing back rolls, and jibes too. What can't this kid do????

One day I went out on my directional and thought about going behind Chaffee Island. Then I hit a small log and decided this was not the day to try it...maybe tomorrow.

Two additional Wainman kites available at Kite Naked are the Boss (12m) and the Smoke (9m)

Two of my beach buddys, who are also part of the Rabbit gang at Belmont, are John Bonetti (left) and Kyle Van (center). Come down to the end of the Claremont ramp and say "Hello", meet the team and demo one of the Wainman kites.

Saturday Michael D. took out B.M. and discovered it was not a one pump system. Sorry you can't have everything. Michael did have one of his best days jumping though.

"Harley" Mike was down also so he took out BM. One of the first things I noticed was he was passing me on his Litewave board. He loved the feel of the kite. He said "Now I have to sell my other kite and I'll buy a Big Mama.

Mike Noel one happy kiter after the session on the 15.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

This one is for Bebe....

March 27 and 28, 2010

Another beautiful Saturday and Sunday in our life....

The afternoon started with Ruth meeting us in the parking lot after her walk to Dog Beach. Ruth and Bebe were so color coordinated..check out the green and more green.

OK Jim come in for the close-up. Even better!!!

After the beach we headed home, dressed up and went out. Double click on the picture to check out their evening outfits.

Tonight was "Meet the Parents" at Pussy and Pooch. This place is one of Ruth and Bebe's favorite places to go shopping.

Pets meeting pets. Friends making friends.

Bebe's thinking...."This is a smell I could get use to."

"Yeah, four is a a better number anyway."

On the way out Ruth and Bebe pose for a keeper. Cute shot.

Next stop was Yen. A little sushi, fish and wine to top off the evening.

Ruth always comes prepared so that Bebe doesn't have to lay on the cold cement.

Then Bebe meets a new friend and they played very well while we ate.

I thought this was a colorful shot...but Ruth doesn't like food shots. She says "It never looks as good as the food was." OK but I still like the colors.

Yeah...they are still getting along.

So good as a matter of fact that they were sleeping too.

This was really a cute way for Yen to end the evening....cute little bear made from orange slices....MMMmmmmm.

Sunday morning Dan signed papers for his condo. I think he hopes it will close on Wednesday the 31st.

Then we went to the Farmer's Market. This is where Ruth "found"Bebe while she was eating a tamale. Zoe, the girl in the middle, was Bebe's foster mother. Pam on the right is one of the pet rescuers that works for Hearts for Hounds. A great organization.

While Ruth was talking to Bonnie Sheehan, the founder of Hearts for Hounds, Pam is showing Dan a cute black terrier mix. Look out Dan you could be a dog owner sooner than you think.

After dinner Bebe, Ruth and I watched 60 Minutes. Yes I like to cuddle too.