Thursday, August 25, 2011

No wind, wind, wind, wind, wind and Santa Ana heat!!!

No wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, then a hot spell!!!

There was no wind last Saturday.... that was OK since I couldn't get to the beach due to a funeral. BUT there was wind on Sunday and pretty good wind too. And lots of folks made it to Belmont: Kristin (Dan had just returned from Las Vegas), Rosemary, Dr. Al, Jorge & Pilar, Michael, Annmarie & Billy, and many many more. As a matter of fact at times it was a traffic jam out on the water.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were kiteable days at Belmont, some days better than others. Unfortunately today was hot as heck here in Long Beach and we had a little wind for a little while.... but it was not so good. It was side-shore for the most part.

Today I took the dogs for a walk to check out the beach conditions. There were very few kiters and the wind was coming from the West. It was very hot and dry, very much like Santa Ana conditions.

Gabor dropped his kite in the water a couple of times. In this shot he was sitting on his board as the wind pulled him to shore.

Look at that perfect form. Gabor is using his feet to make his new North race board ride very flat and he was able to stay up-wind in fluky side-shore conditions. Check the direction of the ship in the background. It's pointing West.
Yesterday we had a little wind so my friend Russ came down to kite. Unfortunately he was only able to get in a couple of rides before the wind died. Then we practiced self-launching and self-landing.
I told his wife June I would take a picture of Harley and Bebe in their cute new shirts. His says "I love my Daddy" and hers says "Does this shirt make me look fat?"
With the sunlight fading I turned them around on my neighbors wall and took a front shot. Aren't they cute???
Many times people ask my friend Klaus "What do you do?" This shot is one from a job he is doing in Illinois. It shows the inside of a dairy that Klaus and a few others are installing all new equipment. He makes the metal conveyors that the product rides in.
But we all know that Klaus would rather be kiting. Here he's getting some GIANT air at Belmont.

Maybe we will have good wind tomorrow......

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sat., Sun., Mon., Tues., Wed......

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

Sad, Happy, Skunked, Wind, Better Wind and Sad again.

On Saturday we buried my old water ski buddy Dennis Dawkins. He was actually younger than me. It was a great ceremony and his wife Cathy did a great job with all of the activities. It was also great seeing many old friends that I haven't seen for 30 years. But it's still sad.

On Sunday it was a day of relief. Klaus came over and told us he had just purchased a new Mac computer. So Ruth bought his old iMac and Klaus was nice enough to show her how to plug it all together. Then we went kiting. It was a great afternoon. We jumped and played out to the oil platform and fun. It was a very liberating experience. I was still kiting when he left. The next day he flew to Illinois to continue the installation of a new dairy for his company. The guy really loves his work.

()n Monday we got skunked. Well everyone but Bongo. He was able to get out as well as Gabor. But all I did was go down wind and do a lot of walking up the beach. Boo hoo:(

Tuesday was good. This was the first day there was enough wind to practice on the new directional. I was able to get up on Gabor's old Cabrinha race board. Mike and I are now co-owners. I still need a lot of work to get into the straps and up on the fins. Hey you've got to start somewhere. Thanks to Brian, Gabor and Alan for all of their help.

Wednesday... Mike Noal and I met up at Belmont. Unfortunately he had not received the parts for his "Big Mama" from Kite Naked, so he had to rig small. I got out on the Cabrinha and for the first time I was able to feel the fin action. But I'm still very insecure.

When I got home I received very sad news from my oldest son Robert that my late sister's only son Andy had taken his life. The only reason that I share this with you is that life is precious so enjoy every moment while we are on this earth.

Today Naji Faour and I spent some precious time on the launch ramp and agreed that life is very short. So take the time to say "I Love You" to your friends and loved ones.

I'm off my soap box now...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another day in our life..

This is another day in our life...


Two days ago I received an email that an old friend was not doing very well, health wise. I called, and Ruth, and I went to his house today to see him. Unfortunately he had passed a few minutes before our arrival.....

After we left I realized many of us have multiple chapters in our lives: high school, college, early jobs, competitions, later jobs, and so on and so on.

I have been very lucky because along the way I met Dennis Dawkins. He was a fierce competitor on the water speed skiing circuit, back when I competed in ski racing.

In my life's book Dennis and the team he raced for was important in our family life because almost 40 years ago I joined the KaRon ski racing team. KaRon stood for Karen and Ron Wilson, and Dennis was a long time member of that team. I met Ruth this wonderful day at Lake Elsinore at a ski race sponsored by her college professor Tom "Mac" McIntyre. Ruth and I went on to a wonderful romance and Dennis continued water ski racing for many years. Unfortunately Dennis and I lost touch after we married and started our family.

Now, in a few days, we will celebrate Dennis's life.

But I think this is about enjoying your family, your friends and your acquaintance's TODAY not tomorrow. Say "I love you" now, not when you get around to it.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The wind is coming back at Belmont

The wind is coming back at Belmont

We had wind on Saturday.... good wind. Except a guy broke one of my lines.

No wind Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. I mean not enough for me. But today the monsoonal conditions changed and for those that checked out saw the wind come up pretty early and last quite a while.

I'll take some pictures tomorrow and add them to this blog.