Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Canon SX 30 Camera

May 22, 2012

Pictures from Belmont with my new Canon SX30 camera
Klaus came over today with two new North kites. He wanted to use both the 12 and 14 so he could make up his mind which kite he wanted to purchase. He had used the 12 the week before and said it was a "Jumping Machine."
This is what the 14 looked up in the air.

There were a lot of jumps to choose from here are a couple
                                                                           And he just kept on jumping.

While Klaus went to pump up the 12 I grabbed a shot of Brian Kendor roaring by Belmont on his new race board. 
In this shot Brian and Gabor Vagi are going starboard heading for the breakwater. The other day Brian and Gabor went all the way up to Angels Gate opening near Cabrillo Beach.
Dan showed up with his new Litewave directional board. You can check it out at http://www.litewavedesigns.com/index1.html, or www.facebook.com/litewavedaveturner?ref=ts
Dan has no problem pulling off a lot of tricks. What's tough is getting the right frame of the jump. I need a camera like Klaus's or Jamie's. But for now it's just fine.
In the mean time Klaus grabbed a bigger board and kept on kiting with the 12.
At the end of the day Klaus had a cold one with his new friend Maria, who is new to our area.
Dan never likes to stop kiting but what can you do when there's no wind.
At the end of the day Dan and Jamie Trent chat about the sport. Today Jamie had his best day ever kite boarding at Belmont. Jamie will be bringing his big Canon SLR to the beach. Be ready to do some tricks for him

There's nothing like a beautiful sunset to end the perfect kite day. OK so it's not that beautiful but it's the end of the story.   Hope to see you on the water soon.