Monday, September 20, 2010

Summer is almost over...and other stuff

September 20, 2010

I'm just getting over a mild cold and today I was feeling pretty good so I took Bebe for a walk.

We went down to the was pretty sad. Hardly any wind, very few people on the beach and it felt like winter.

The beach was totally vacant except these two women. I dubbed them "The last sunbathers this summer." You have to give it to these two women for laying out today.

Then Bebe and I went over to the bay and watched Ruth swim. I thought she did great, but she said she could do better. Personally I don't know how she does it.

More to come.....

9/11/2010 "We will never forget" motorcycle ride

The group met up at Cook's Corner in the morning. Fortunately Michael D and Annmarie had reserved a table and shade. THANK YOU!! Klaus's mother and I followed Ruth and Klaus. They were on his bike, we were in the CRV.

Naturally we had to buy some t-shirts and beer before the ride.

At some point the lead firetruck headed out to start the parade then everyone followed.

Mike and Mandy mounted up.

Then Klaus and Ruth got into the line.

I was in our Honda and at the end of the line. Off they went.....into the smoke and dust.

The next stop was the Crab Shack. Just in case you needed to shake your legs.

Ruth, Mama, Mike, Mandy, Klaus and I made it. Somewhere on the road was Michael and Annmarie.

Next stop was the park adjacent to Marine Stadium for the 9/11 ceremony. It was wonderful. I shot a video on Klaus's camera but forgot to turn on the sound. It looks great.

Afterwards we drove down PCH to Huntington Beach for a great dinner. It was a great day.

9/10/2010 Klaus, his mom and I go to Universal Studios

Sorry I don't have any opening shots of the studios but we saved the best for later.

Klaus got me riding down the Dinosaur ride. Naturally it was fashioned after the movie but only the very end was fun, riding down the falls into the water. Good thing it was hot that day.

The most exciting was the Water World Show. We got great seats and Klaus shot some great pictures.

Naturally it's the good guys against the bad guys. Here are the baddies entering the scene.

This was an unreal moment when this sea plane landed right in front of us. How did they figure this out???

The story ends with everything blowing up and catching on fire. The climax was very exciting.

There was this one area where all of these "tall people" were walking around. Here the Pharaoh or whatever he was supposed to be is reading my palm. I will make lots of money.

Here we are the two tourists posing with the two "SCARY CREATURES." Check out expressions, that really reads scared.

Here's our closing shot as we leave Universal Studios. Klaus's mom and I did our Kodak moment.

9/5/2010, Kristin's sister Jonna is married to Pablo

This special occasion was held at the Maya Hotel in Long Beach. It was a great day.

If you ever want a fantastic view while having dinner or a drink, visit the Maya

9/1 thru 4 /2010, Klaus goes to Sherman Island

Here's a very cool shot of Klaus up at Sherman Island. I believe Omar took it. Check out the boat just behind him.

And here's one of Omar jumping in front of the same wind machines.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Party for Rijk

September 4, 2010

The kite group and friends had a going away party for Rijk tonight. Boo hoo, he's moving back to Holland.

The evening started around 6 o'clock when Rijk dropped by with these beautiful lillies.
Let the party begin.....

One of the early arrivals was Kyle, Elysa and Sidney. Unfortunately I didn't get Elysa in this shot

Rijk takes a moment to say "Hi" to Luca and Monica. Mourat refuses to be left out!!

Here are four really happy guys, Sohrab, Rijk, Murat and Sako. The party is cooking now.

Juliana and Juliano drove down from Marina del Rey and wouldn't have missed this party for anything.

I heard that Mark and Carole rode their bikes over to the house..... ok, maybe they carefully drove this time. Happy times with the LBPD.

YES, windsurfers were allowed....Bea, Radko and Danny love to party.

I asked Tim to take a picture...but I guess he was thinking this was for his Facebook page. Tim, Ruth says you shouldn't get this close to the camera. Scary!!!!!

Here's three of the four amago's. Unfortunately Klaus was kiting up at Sherman Island.

Mr. and Mrs. Kitesurfari (Robert and Danny) dropped by for some of the great food.
They loved it!!!!

Are the kiteboarders of Belmont the all -time best looking, or is it just me?...Martin, Jane, Bobby, Dan, Joy, Party Boy, and Darren.

Now here's a group to draw to, Juliano, Naji, Dr. Al, and Gabor.

The women were in the kitchen doing all the work and preparing the food. Monica, Juliana, Joy, Ruth and Pat.

As you may know the party was pot luck. Ruth prepared pulled pork with peach BBQ sauce (which Ruth also canned), roasted chicken, Rijk's mashed potatoes with Harley Mike's kale, and Swiss chard (from Harley Mandy's garden), cooked with bacon and cheeze. Carole Strauch brought broccoli salad. Joy brought cucumber salad. Betty Howell, pasta salad. Juliana, green bean and Quinoa salad. Lenny, green bean almondine. Bea, strawberry and blueberry bars. Pat & Terry, crudites plate and dip. Dr. Bobby, hummus dip and pita chips. Dr. Al, fruit torte. Sohrab and Murat, fruit torte. Jane and Darren, oatmeal cookies. Monica and Luca, brownies. And there was a plethora of beer and wine. THANK YOU EVERYONE. Please let us know if we forgot anything, or I screwed up what you brought. Any other pictures of the food????

I turned around and Pat asked Ruth about Bebe's wardrobe. She begged Ruth to drag out all of Bebe's clothes. "Nice rack." I'm talking about the PVC three tier rack...what else???

Everyone was getting a kick out of Ruth coming out of the closet, with Bebe's clothes. She explained that ever since she had to put away her dolls and get serious, she felt something was missing, so Bebe volunteered to help her adjust to adult life. Beats cooking the books at a Hollywood sound studio.

As the evening started winding down Carole raised a toast to Rijk. We all wish him well back in Holland.

This was great getting everyone to take a moment and have a Kodak moment.

Matt got off of work late....but better late than never. Darren gives thumbs up, Matt is wearing the right color t-shirt, Alexandra got a new hair do and so did Bobby.

Even though a few people have gone home it's never too late for one more group shot. Dan's just has to show off those abs one more time

It's time to go home and stop shooting pictures. This is Ruth's absolute favorite picture of her boys, especially Rijk's happy smile. It made three days of cooking all worthwhile.

One more picture of the beautiful lillies. Goodbye Rijk. Hope to see you soon :) :) :)