Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Adventure

June 6, 2012

We had wind today and another adventure with Dan, Klaus, Gabor, Bobby and me

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Photo day, The Perfect Day and June gloom starts

Wednesday was Photo day. Thursday was The Perfect Kite Day. Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
June gloom starts in Long Beach

Wednesday May 30, 2012

Today was Photo Day. I had Traffic School tonight so I decided to take a few shots at Belmont.

Today Naish Kiteboarding brought their motor home full of kites and boards for all to try. Double click and you might see Brittney and Hailey on the right checking out the new gear.

The U. S. S. Iowa was anchored off our beach, being cleaned and it then will be moved to San Pedro.

Then Dan and Susi arrived to kite.

Aren't they cute :)

Dan went out and pulled off a lot of jumps, back rolls and other tricks. 
I think I lucked out on this shot. Susi told me how to anticipate when she was going to do a trick
Bobby Bluehouse was out on his huge finless surfboard. Looking good Bobby
Trevor Nelson was out today too.
Unfortunately I didn't have my haze filter on today (tee hee) but I did like Dan's action.

Just messing around seeing if I could get three pictures side by side. I just couldn't get the spacing right

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A fantastic day of kite boarding. One could say "Perfect"

Here's the wind graph for today. Because the web-camera was down I started texting guys around noon about the wind building. I also had to get off the water early for the second class.
I rigged and went up to the pier alone. Once there the wind was so good that I went past it and then headed for the bait tank, that's at the east end of the breakwater. Then I headed for White Island and "playing in the waves" while heading back to the pier.

That was about the time that Klaus blasted by my on my left side. Together we continued going port past the pier then went starboard past Chaffee Island. Once past the entrance to the marina Klaus signaled that he wanted to head toward the U.S.S. Iowa.
That Iowa looks OK in this photo from the L.A. Times, but the ship was anchored miles off of Belmont. I kept following Klaus and after about 20 minutes it never seemed to get any closer. So I signaled to him, "Cut, cut. Let's go to Seal Beach." Which is what we did.
We ended up kiting with Gabor, Brian and a few other Seal kiters. Wow is that water is warm at the end of the San Gabriel river. After a while we headed back to Belmont. There was a group of us sitting on the beach that included Omar, Jamie, A'lan, Klaus, myself and a few other guys. Omar  gave his Canon camera to Jamie and here is the fantastic result.
A great kiter captured by a great cameraman with a great camera and lens. Fantastic job!!!


This is the wind graph showing what little wind we've had on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This week Ruth and I are packing for our trip. We start in France and end in Italy for Luca and Monica's wedding.  Sara and A'lan will be living in our house and taking care of Bebe & Harley, and maybe a little kiting. So I may not have a blog up-date for a while.
See you on the water in July :)