Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Dan Corbett

Dan's girlfriend Kristin pulled off the impossible, she threw a suprise 35th Birthday Party for Dan at the Belmont Brewery Company Saturday night. Congratulatins Kris the party was a blast!!!!

I don't know how she pulled it off but while Kristin kept Dan occupied a whole group of us took over the center section of Belmont Brewing Company. When Dan walked in he was really surprised.

Darren Mackaly and his girlfriend Jane Kruchko arrived at BBC early and started saving tables. As more arrived we would take over another table and another. I think we had four tables down the center of the bar by the end of the night. Great going guys.

Then mom (Ruth) arrived with her special birthday cup cakes. Mmmmmm they were really good with the beer and wine...:) :) :)

Dan and his little sis Sara enjoy a moment together. Her birthday is coming up soon too.

Dan's long time friend from USC, Dana Mones drove down to join in on the fun.

It's family posing time!! From the left it's Sara, me, Ruth, Dan and Kristin. What a group.

There were kiters too. Henry Khalili , Lise Shippam and friend Tanja Ja. We were all there to have fun, food and drink. It was a great time. Not shown were Mark and Carole Strauch, and David Lector.

More fun and more pictures. Kris, Rachael, husband Ryan, Darren, Jane and Dan.
I will have more pictures as soon as I download them from Sara's camera.

Until then, think wind!!!!