Sunday, February 21, 2010

two days of great winter kiting

February 20 and 21, 2010
Two days of great winter kiting

On Saturday the wind came up pretty early, about 11 A.M. This wind graph seems a little off because when Rijk and I hit the beach it felt pretty strong, maybe 15 to 18. We had a great time until I hit a piece of drift wood. That loud clunk knocked off the two front fins of my new directional board. My day ended about 3:15. That was OK since Ruth and I were going out tonight to a party in downtown L.A. The party started at 5:30 and dinner was served at 7. We got there with time to spare.

Today, Sunday was a different story. Dan came over to the house at about 11 so we could work on his sister Sara's car. We were going to change the oil, the oil filter, air filter and put on new front brake pads. Everything was going great until the wind started howling. That was at about noon. Sara wanted us to change her wiper blades and we said "Sorry the wind is blowing and we've got to GO!!!!" We grabbed our kite stuff and headed to the beach. Rijk was already on the water. We were playing catch up.

It's such a beautiful sight when your local spot is cranking. It's like one big block party.

Today there were about 30 kiters on the water. It was a lot of fun seeing so many of our kite buddies at the beach.

Kristin got a great shot of Dan getting ready to go out.

Rijk had come in when Kris grabbed this shot. He not only kited all day but played soccer this morning. How do these kids do it???

She even caught Dan and I on the water at the same time. Yes, father and son bonding.

Dan pulled off a jump right in front of us. You can tell the water was a little choppy today.

Rijk loves to tell everyone about his beautiful kite. Here he's going port right in front of us. Yes his Wainman "Boss" is beautiful. The Dutch Olympic athletes are too. You've got to love their orange and blue team colors.

I don't know why but I couldn't get this shot to look right. Maybe the sun ducked behind the clouds or something. Sorry Dan it was a good jump too.

I didn't get his kite but I did get this smooth turn that Rijk pulled off......Ssssmmmmooooth.

Kristin got one of me going through the surf. Today I felt a little tired. Back, legs, arms and hands. Dan said "Time to hit the gym Dad." He's right.

It's just a great feeling that just around the corner were going to have warm air, warm water and some great sailing.

Here I'm trying to make something out of nothing. The girl that is going out is Gabriel. A new friend of Rijk's. Next time I'll try to get a little closer.

As I headed home I couldn't put down the camera. After all the wind was still blowing. And who knows maybe tomorrow will make it three days in a row.

After an hour on dog beach chasing the "big boys" Bebe snuggles in her bed for a little nap before dinner. We had chili and Bebe had poached chicken with a gravy sauce and a bit of kibble for that added crunch. Everyone was happy!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Day memories

Valentine Day memories, February 13 thru 15th

Bebe shows off her presents. He got the leather Harley cap from her Uncle Klaus. Purple scarf from Aunt JJ and Harley shirt from Aunt Judy. Every one loves to dress up the little doggie.

Now that we have a dog...we headed for Dog Beach.

Oppppsss. I think I pointed the camera the wrong way. Well I just wanted to prove that people come to Belmont for sun year around.

Bebe loves her dog buddies. Tall, short, old or young, she loves them all.

I'm free.....HAAAA, I'M FREE.....and I love this sand too.

I can't tell are you sweet....or sour???? I'm not a year old. I can't tell.

We discovered that Bebe loves to run. I think she's saying to her new best friend, "Hey this way."

I didn't plan on going in the water but I have a feeling it was "Last one in is a rotten egg."

"Wow, I thought all white dogs were small like me. I guess not????"

"I love this place. When are we coming back Mommy????"

Ruth couldn't help herself. She had to buy Bebe some booties.

Ruth said, "Relax Bebe, this will only take a second."

"Mommy, what the crap is this. Take it off or I'll chew it off!!!!"

Yesterday we returned to Bebe's second favorite place....Dog Beach.

She likes it when her friends are about the same size as she is.

"I think I'm surrounded by BROWN."

"Easy big boy, I know black is beautiful. But I think the phrase is Black is BIG."

"Do you mind squatting, I can't quite reach your ho ho."

Back home Bebe is in her favorite place....our bed. I can just hear her say, "Not another picture Dad. I'm taking a nap."

We hope you had a great Valentines Day.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where is the wind and surf????

January 19 thru 23, 2010

For the past few day we have had lots of wind and surf. On Thursday I posted my first YouTube video, video, That same day my son Dan made it on KCAL9 news. If you want to see Dan and our windsurfing friend Christopher click on Then drag "Heavy Rain Damages Cal State Long Beach Buildings" into the SEARCH window. After the commercial at :28 you will see Gabor Vagi and at 2:21 is the interview with Dan. You could also go to "Great day for surfing if you dare" to see Christopher. And "Storm Doesn't Keep Kite Surfers Away" on page 53. Drew is in this one.

On YouTube catch my new video
or by searching Surf Long Beach, Cal. Really rare!! Jan. 23, 2010
While you're at it there are a few others videos showing Long Beach surfing.

A few days later I ran into Danny and Robert checking out the surf.

This is what they saw....surfers.

Pretty flat in this shot.

A few more in this shot.

When I went home I found Sara and Bebe doing a fashion show. Unbelievable as it may seem Sara purchased her sweater at a different time and place from Ruth, who picked up this little thing for Bebe. Together though they seemed like a matched pair.