Monday, January 18, 2010

Our first clearing January

Monday, January 18, 2010

The texts started early today at 8:30. "How's the wind?" "What direction is it?" "How's the surf?" Hey I went to to bed at 2 A.M. What do I know about what's happening in the morning?

After her morning "duties" Ruth decides to take Bebe for a walk. Double click on the picture and check out the "Bling" Ruth put around her neck. All this for a little walk.

Two seconds later Ruth decides to put a red babushka around her head. We don't want the princess to get cold do we????

I had to drive up to storage to sell some equipment. In the mean time I see about five kiters on the water and three kites pumping. I wonder if this is Faycal getting ready to go out?

I couldn't believe my eyes, surf in Belmont Shore? Looking good!!!!

My neighbor Christopher is out on his windsurfer, as one kite gets gobbled up by a wave.

Not to worry, he's back up and running. Check it out!!!! Three sets of Belmont.

I heard from one of the guys that was kiting today that a new lifeguard called him in for kiting inside the swim zone. Our kite friend said "What??? We are on winter rules now." And the new guard Ian, said "Do you want me to give you a ticket?" Fortunately the stand-off did not escalate too far. Fair warning, Ian is just following the rules. He's new.

Bebe is home in bed now. I wonder what's going to happen next on the beaches of Belmont??
Today is Tuesday and "Uncle Klaus" just returned from a work trip to Oregon.

In this shot Ruth had Bebe in her jacket keeping her warm. Check out the cap and the look.

But this shot really shows off Bebe's present. She's wearing a genuine Harley Davidson leather hat. Naturally it's extra small and it fits perfectly. Great gift Klaus. Bebe loves it.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

We finally celebrate Christmas and New Year!!

January 17, 2010

The Corbett Family finally celebrates Christmas and New Years on January 16th. and there's football and the Golden Globes too.

Naturally Christmas is all about food. Here Ruth, Sara and Dan are in the kitchen cutting and preparing. The evening started with shrimp and cheese and bread. The main course was turkey and gravy, duck with a fruit glaze, Parmesan potatoes Au gratin, wasabi blue potatoes, green salad topped with toasted sliced almonds, tomatoes and avocados. Desert was assorted cheese cakes with vanilla ice cream. WOW!!!

Naturally Ruth got out the good china for the occasion.

A party is not a party unless you can show Bebe's new wardrobe. Check out the rack.

When Randy and Liz arrived Bebe had a new friend to play with, Cody.

It was the cutest thing seeing Bebe walk on her hind legs. Cody just watched in amazement.

The dinner bell rang and we all sat down like good, hungry folks.

Sara and Brian had to kiss before they could dive in to the food.

After dinner it was time for some champagne. Here Dan and Kristin enjoy Bebe's company. After all we were celebrating New Years too.

It was time for presents. Ruth's brother Randy started the party. Great shade of green.

Then Ruth read the Christmas card from Dan and Kristin. As you can see she got a chuckle out of it.

Then when we started opening the presents from them it was a huge surprise. It came in two parts. The first was a digital screen to show your digital pictures off of an SD chip. The second part was a printout of my blog,

This was very emotional. The printout was created by Dan and Kristin. They printed it out and put the whole thing together. It was fantastic to see. Thank you!!

Sara and Brian knew that I love sunrises, sunsets and shots of waves. They came across this photo artist Clark Little. Check out his work at
I can't wait to see the shot near my computer. Thank you Sara and Brian. A picture of a picture does not do it justice.

Ruth got everyone a pair of glasses. Here Sara and Brian ham it up.

Dan and Kris look very Hollywood in theirs.

Randy's offered a bribe for his glasses. I guess he's the only one that got a brown pair..........

Then we posed for next years Christmas card. I'm just kidding.

The weekend was also filled with football. On Saturday Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saint beat Arizona. And the Colts beat the Baltimore Ravens. On Sunday the Minnesota Vikings beat the Cowboys, 34 to 3. Brett Farve looked great. But to me the most important game this weekend was Mark Sanchez and the Jets. New York beat the Chargers in San Diego 17 to 14. Next Sunday for the AFC championship, the Jets play Indianapolis at Indianapolis. Go Jets, Go Sanchez!!!! For the NFC championship its the Minnesota Vikings playing New Orleans Saints. I hope New Orleans can pull off an upset.

To top it off, on Sunday evening we watched the Golden Globes. I was very happy that James Cameron won for best Director and Best Film.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Avatar was awesome!!!

January 13, 2010

There were some clearing winds today but I didn't go out. After returning from La Ventana I caught a cold. Then, just when I thought I was over it, it came back. So today was the best day for me in two weeks.

Ruth and I celebrated by taking Bebe for a walk up on 2nd Street. We had a late lunch at George's Greek Restaurant and then continued our walk to the west end of 2nd. Naturally we had to drop in to the dog store, Pussy and Pouch. Sure we bought something. We have to keep up our reputation and spread the wealth.

Then we drove over to the Edwards theater on Carson and saw Avatar. It was just coming out when we left for LV. So tonight was the night to see it in 3D. I definitely can see why people see it more than once, because I can't wait to see it again.

I predict a lot of awards come Oscar time for James Cameron the director, but that's just me.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We arrived home to a new pet, Bebe

January 4th and 5th, 2010

Sorry, we've been out of town for a couple of weeks and haven't had a chance to wish all of you a

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Monday and Tuesday were our first days back in Los Angeles, and it was a bit of a culture shock. All of the traffic, the people and OH by the way, we have a new dog, Bebe.

When I arrived home from the airport Bebe was actually in the shower. It was a flash back to the "Scooby The Snake" days. Ruth had put Bebe there because the last time Bebe was in the car she got car sick.

This is her "home" when she's downstairs.

Since it was my first day back I needed some exercise, so we went for a walk up to 2nd Street.

Louis lives just a few doors north of us so naturally Bebe and Louis had to say "Hello." He's a very large lab. Just what Bebe needs. She likes her boys BIG.

Only one day back and I was having a taco and beer craze so we had to drop into Taco Surf. Mmmmm.

Next stop was to the hardware store for a "doggy door" and then to Pussy and Pouch. Ruth's new favorite store next to Petco.

While there James, the store manager, had to show Ruth a new tote bag. She ordered one.

On Tuesday I had to go to Court and contest a traffic ticket. Rijk went with me. On our way home I called Ruth. So Rijk, Ruth and I went out to lunch.

Naturally Bebe had to be dressed in a coordinating

We ate at Le Creperie and it was very good. Bebe and her new friend waited outside.

Our next stop was Pussy and Pouch again. Ruth had to show Bebe how to dress "boy."

Then a potty break. Unfortunately Bebe did not cooperate.

I think the shot of the day was Ruth walking with Bebe in her pink poodle doggy carrier. It just cracks me up. Naturally Ruth has a matching purse.