Sunday, October 31, 2010

Clearing winds and Halloween day

Saturday October 28 and Sunday 29, 2010

Clearing winds and Halloween day

It was a beautiful sight when I walked down to the beach. I was taking Klaus's digital camera to take some videos.

I have a ton of pictures to share but in the mean time check out,

and check out thest kite videos of speed sailing in Africa

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No clearing winds today. Got shots of Bebe and sunset!!

October 27, 2010

No clearing winds. Got Bebe shots a sunset and hope for wind tomorrow.

Today around noon winds started blowing out of the North. It was cool because I thought it might really rage....NOPE!!!!

So Bebe and I took a long walk because it was so beautiful we needed to get out of the house and get some exercise. First we went down to the beach and sent texts out regarding he wind, then it was off to Second Street to show off Bebe's Halloween outfit. First stop was the Belmont Athletic club and set it up so we can start working out the first. Next stop to Wells Fargo, then it was off to Von's. After we got milk, and half and half and we stopped by the pier.

It took a few shots of her on this little wall near Belmont Brewery. I finally got Bebe to give me a cute profile shot, but I didn't like the steal bars in the background.

This is the shot Ruth liked because it shows off her pumpkin outfit. Many people commented on it, you be the judge. Then it was down the bike path past dog beach and to the water fountain at the Granada launch ramp so I could get Bebe a drink of water. It was really hot today. Maybe 80 degrees.

There were no clearing winds today so I worked on the garage and rearranged a lot of stuff. The gave Ruth a hand cutting back her roses. Then her brother Randy came over around 6 o'clock and I ran down to take this shot of the sunset.

Randy left. Ruth fixed dinner. Sara was studying for a test and I was very happy to be able to maneuver in the garage once again without knocking down things :) :) :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Winter is here??? Where are the clearing winds???

Monday October 25, 2010

It's getting colder and raining now and them, we were hoping...but there wasn't much in the way of clearing winds today!!!

The day started out driving up to Burbank and then to Culver City, then home. First I dropped of a Sony tape recorder to a repair company. The guy who wrote up the service order was a huge USC football fan and he got a kick out of seeing my car since it had a number of USC decorations on it. Next I drove to Sara's apartment to pick up four technical books and then home to get a Subway sandwich. When I arrived home was the exact time that Dan and Loki were arriving at the house. He was hoping for wind.

After we finished the sandwich Dan got his kite gear out of his truck and with the two dogs in tow we headed for the beach. It wasn't really clearing winds but there was some wind.

The day was very unique because it was fairly warm and this brought out the woman that had climbed on top of a pile of sand and this couple jogging on the sand. We can do it!!!!

As Dan started rigging his kite I took the two dogs up on the lifeguard tower and started taking pictures with Dan's new Nikon digital camera. The only problem was I didn't bring a tripod.

When I turned the camera back to the beach I caught a glimps of Drew Roeser pulling off this trick. I did a flashback to almost a year ago when I shot a You Tube video from the same tower. Check it out at or search "Kite boarding the Belmont Clearing Winds, Jan. 21, 2010" You can see Drew pulling off some great tricks.

As Dan rushed for the water we both knew there wasn't a lot of wind out there but he was going to give it his best shot. He didn't care because he was going out and getting wet.

Dan got in a few tacks on his first run. Not bad for very little wind and only being on a 13.

On his second try he realized there were very few kiters still on the water. That didn't bother Dan, he was out to have some fun.

He asked me later if I had seen his attempt at an unhooked trick. I said I think I caught part of it. I don't remember what the trick was though, "Body Drag????"

Dan does not give up very easily. He walked up for one more ride.

Dan went out for one more ride even though there still wasn't much wind. I think he may have made two tacks and he was back on the beach.

I think you can read the expression on Dan's face that it's time to wrap it up for the day because it's not going to get much better. There's always hope that tomorrow will be the day of the great clearing winds. We'll be ready. See you on the beach!!!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm a bachelor again for 4 days

Friday October 8, 2010

I'm a bachelor again for 4 days, OMG what am I going to do

I had to put up at least on picture from Ruth's trip to Washington DC......more to come

Monday, October 4, 2010

Saturday and Sunday were a gift

Saturday and Sunday were a gift

Today, before I started this entry I took Bebe for a walk. I had to came back to the house for my camera because I could see a weather front coming. We may have clearing winds soon. Now back to kiting on Sunday and Saturday.

Sunday October 3 , 2010

It was a around noon when I decided to walk down to the beach to check out the wind. I noticed that Captain Kirks, So. Cal. Kiteboarding and Kitesurfari were all set-up on the Claremont ramp. They must have had lessons because the weather didn't look very promising.

Klaus came over at around 3:30 so we walked down to the beach. I was surprised that the wind was starting to build and there were a few kiters on the water. After a few minutes we went back to his car to get his gear and his new digital camera. I also grabbed my tripod and chair.

This was going to be a real challenge because between my legs I had the tripod to take high def movies and over my left shoulder I had my still camera. I knew I could take stills using his camera but I wanted to keep the functions separate. Check out the edited video at

Christopher and Radko were out today also but I didn't get them both in the same shot. Sorry.

Trevor stays in shape by jogging up the beach. Go Trev go. Jump Trev jump.

Kristin, Steve Lee and Dan arrived a little after 4. Not to worry there's plenty of wind. Kris is really getting her turns down. She hopes this wind continues.

Dan is in the building...or is that Elvis???

Here's a shot taken last Sunday by Kristin at Leo Carrillo. There was great wind both Saturday and Sunday. Actually I think the spot is Nickolas Canyon. If you have a Facebook account check out Dan's new video. Go to and enter Dan Corbett and click on his 2 minute video.

Kyle was here to get a little too.

I think I captured Klaus and Michael D. doing a passing hand slap. Hopefully I'll be able to post the hi-def video when it gets edited together.

Dr. Al was having fun today too. Being right on the waters edge gave me a new vantage point for picture taking.

I know in the foreground is Rudy but I think behind his is Hank. Can someone let me know if I'm right?

Unfortunately Kristin's day ended on a sour note. Her kite hit the water and one of the strut valves popped open. OOOPPPPPSSSSS.

Over the years we have figured out how to use the two trees on the side of the house as a huge drying rack because there was water in the leading edge. It should be fine in a few days.

Saturday October 2 , 2010

It's 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon. Wind is coming up and there are kites on the water. Time to take some pictures since I can't kite for at least three more weeks.

Loki, Bebe and I went to the end of the ramp to take a few shots.

Bongo walks by with his directional. He's got that toe-side down.

Dong goes port in front of us on his new twin tip with boots.

Matt was one of the guys I started out with years ago. Check out the graphics on that cool Naish board.

Dan gets to the beach a little late but he plays catch up very well.

Really interesting cloud formation. I think the weather she is a changing.

Now this is how to end a session....grab your board and land on the beach. NICE!!!!

Kristin and Dan check out the water after the wind shuts off.

I don't know how "Bay Shore Don" is able to drive and play his guitar. Now that's multi-tasking.

What a beautiful sunset with the kites in the foreground. Another beautiful day in paradise.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rain.....winter.....and a little skin cancer

Friday, October 1, 2010

We had rain, a little operation and more fun at Belmont

What an unbelievable day today. A little while ago I returned from a store run for Ruth. It was raining as I pulled up in front of the house. How weird it that. Ruth met me at the curb and said "Did you see the rainbow?" I said "No." So I grabbed my camera and went up on the roof and grabbed this shot.

Then Ruth said "Did you get both of them?" I didn't see it. When you double click on the picture you will see the second rainbow, but it's very faint. Thus the arrow.

A little while before that Ruth and I were up on Second Street having a bite to eat. Can you tell we were at Apango for sushi. The occasion was a "Thank You Lunch." I was thanking Ruth for noticing this little bump on the side of my nose. Read on.....

There has been a little scar on the side of my nose for years from a previous dermatology visit. But not long ago Ruth said "Have you shown that to Dr. Gammer?" I said "No." "Well you should." He's our new dermatologist in Seal Beach.

One thing led to another and the biopsy came cancer. So last Wednesday he removed it. Then on Friday I went to a plastic surgeon and he took some skin from behind my ear and repaired the area.

Don't double click on this shot if you don't want to. I got the stitches removed. The surgeon said is should be much better in a few weeks. And no kiting for about a month. Boo hoo.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday was quite a different weather day. Klaus and I walked down to Belmont to check it out

By the time we got there most everyone was walking up the beach. The wind shut off.

Unfortunately Christopher was walking too...the day was over.

After Klaus went home I took Bebe for a walk over to Bay Shore to watch Ruth swim. She said the water was pretty warm for such an overcast day.

Bebe and I usually are up near the bridge when Ruth turns around at the buoy for her return leg. I grabbed this shot of the little girl as she was watching for Ruth.

As we wrapped up the day the sky was amazing. I heard that these clouds have been drawn up from Mexico. I just think it looks great.