Monday, November 17, 2008

I think the weather she is a changin'....FINALLY!!!

We've had way too much destruction the past few days with all the fires. It's time for a change.

Tonight logged on to see what Jackie Johnson was going to say about the weather. Check it out at

This beach blog started a few days ago, on Friday evening of the 14th.

I decided to wash Ruth's Corvette and then the Honda. Afterwards I said to Ruth let's drive out on the Granada ramp and watch the sun set. So we did. Ruth took the shot. Thanks honey.

The smoke from the Santa Barbara (Montecito) fire had worked its way down the coast and it was an unusual sunset, don't you think?

On Saturday morning a second fire had erupted in Sylmar and then a third near Yorba Linda. Ruth was concerned because she has two friends that live very close to that area.

The smoke and clouds were very unusual over the ocean. But please note you can see Catalina Island. It was still pretty clear.

I think at this point the Yorba Linda smoke was blending in with the Sayre fire. They are two different colors of smoke.

The area was covered with smoke and ashes.

The sun, clouds and reflection made for an interesting picture. The two dogs belong to a neighbor. Their names are Louis and Senna. Ruth loves to give them treats when she walks by their house.

On Saturday you can see the smoke from the three fires had merged and there was very little visibility.

I don't know how but there was enough wind for a sail boat race. Which way did they go??

I decided to take Mac for a ride on my bike. She seems to like it.

When Mac and I got to the Claremont ramp there was someone actually trying to get a kite off the sand. NO WAY!!!!

This was the sunset on Saturday evening.

This morning I walked down to the beach to check out the weather and as you can see there was smoke as far as you could see.

I think this kiter was extremely optimistic that the wind was going to come up. Maybe tomorrow.

On the water was the party boat making its way down the bay. People just want to have fun, no matter what.

Mac came along for the ride today too. When the air clears up I'll take her up the bike path for a real ride.

I think I heard that today was a record high temperature, 93 degrees.

I'm absolutely certain that the blimp was carrying a camera person that was taking pictures of this sunset. I wonder if they want a picture of the blimp that was taking pictures???? Hmmm?

Here is a shot I downloaded from the LATimes. We got some of this smoke in Long Beach.

I found this drawing very interesting. It basically lays out how all that goes on at the fire scene.

This shot was taken from space. Obviously you can see how the smoke travels over the Pacific Ocean. Tomorrow it's supposed to blow on-shore. Maybe we'll be able to kite?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Raging winds on Sunday, over 30 mph

This morning Ruth woke up at 4 A.M. because of the noise the wind was making. She put away the patio umbrella so it wouldn't blow away. Then Dan called at around 10 and said it was blowing 30 at pier J. Time to kick into action and go kiting.

Dan and I got to the beach at about 11. With the wind blowing so hard rigging was not easy.

I took this shot on my way to the ramp. The sand was kicking up pretty good.

I think Bill was giving this wind some serious thought.

Todd measured the wind speed, as Bart and friend lean into the wind. Todd said that there were gusts over 30 mph.

Here Dan is going out on his 10. Earlier I went out on my 12 and de-powered it as much as I could. It taco'd once on me in the hour I was out. The leading edge wasn't pumped up enough.

This guy was really a skilled and daring kiter and he pulling off a major rescue. This Best kite got away from the kiter, the kiter grabbed the kite and brought it into shore. Someone else grabbed the kiter and his board and dragged them to shore. Everyone was safe.

The secret to getting out, one guy holding the kite and the other holding the kiter. This is how I got out too. Todd was holding me a Radek carried my board because it was hard walking.

There were a few kiters pulling off some sick jumps. This guy was flying a White Naish.

Another good jump.

The crowd goes crazy. Three judges give the jumps 10's, while Todd gives it a 5. Sean abstained from voting. Maybe it was when I said "Vote like on Dancing With The Stars." "Wwwaa What?"

About a split second Kyle and another kiter tangled their lines. He buddy, don't you remember the #1 R.O.W. rule, "The kiter on the starboard tack has the right of way."

Looking West you can see it's still blowing....and it blew all day.

I don't think Jason bothered to pump his 15, he just waited in line for Dan's 10. Which was the perfect size for today.

Then I went out on Dan's 10. Yeah, it blew all afternoon. The wind speed was around 25 mph and gusts over 30. The water was not too cold, but pretty choppy.

It didn't take much to wear us out. I think Al was done for the day.

So was Kyle, and I joined them.

Dan in the mean time was pulling off some real good port jumps. For some reason my camera started acting up. I think it was the sand in the lens trick.

Dan has been practicing his back rotations. He said on one try he did a double and it surprised him. Unfortunately he didn't land it.

Yep, Dan was getting some nice air time.

I went over and chatted with Danny and Radek. Danny said his 5.0 was too big and Radek didn't rig because his smallest sail was a 7.0. Way too big for today.

Last jump of the day.

Joe gives one thumb up as Bobby ponders his vote.

There were kites falling right and left. Here Dan and Todd get ready for a beach rescue. Earlier there was a kiter that was picked up by the Lifeguard boat. Al Navas had a waterproof cell phone that saved the day for that kiter.

The group huddled together on the beach. We all wanted to be at Bolsa Chica, keeping warm with a big bondfire and some hot cocoa.

Thanks Todd for taking this shot. Dan, Jason and I were wrapping it up for the day and heading home.

When we arrived at the house we noticed a very proud "ma ma" showing us her most recent planting.

She had transplanted the iris and replaced them with pansies, agapanthus, sweet alyssum and helichrysum. The front yard looks great!!!!

With the sun already setting, there were still some kiters that were getting in their last rides. I think Chad was still out too. I'll have to ask him the next time I see him.

Next stop on the ride of life, USC plays Stanford this Saturday.

USC wins on Saturday.

USC wins football game on Saturday.

Saturday was an important football game for our team..USC. We were playing California and they could turn the day into a bad situation regarding the BCS point standings.

We didn't expect it but there was a fly-over by the Air Force. It is so cool when those planes fly over just after you sing the Star Spangled Banner. Even when you double click on the picture it just doesn't get big enough. I want it to be big because they SOUND BIG.

After the band comes on the field then the USC mascot Traveler comes on the field. That magnificent horse say "We are winners, try to beat us."

When the team ran on the field we felt so powerful. We had to win.

Here's the half time score. We were ahead 10 to 3.

Here are two girls having a great time....

Half time music...the band. So much fun!!!!

Oh my gosh we are having a ball. Let's get some more food.

The final score, USC 17...Cal 3. We win again.

Quarter back Mark Sanchez is interviewed after game. Blah, blah, blah....we won!!!!!

We love winning and who wants to go home...OK, let's go listen to the band......

I don't know who get more out of listening to the band, Sara or Ruth. Hey as long as they are having fun.

There they are, two big fans of the band. Aren't they cute??????

Next game, next weekend...on TV..Stanford. Go Trojans.